Making licensing totally dependent on supervisors' ratings will backfire by discouraging top talent from making teaching a career.

Admission to elite colleges has never been based on pure meritocracy.

All the Education Department cares about is boosting the number of students with a college degree regardless of what it stands for.

There are simply not enough teachers willing to give up their personal lives to produce the results demanded.

Doesn't accountability in public schools also apply to the responsibility to teach frankly about sex?

Teachers cannot be forced to accept assignments to schools, but they can be made an offer they can't refuse.

Testing every day can be highly effective to learning as long as it is done correctly.

Change is necessary in determining which teachers remain in the classroom, but the pendulum must not be allowed to swing too far the other way.

Substitute teachers deserve far more respect than they get.

It's hard to understand why parents who want the best education for their children persist in opposing efforts to shutter persistently failing neighborhood schools.


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