Regardless of the teacher, there will always be an achievement gap.

Restorative justice balances the right of students to a second chance with the right of other students to an education in a safe environment.

Anything that can be done during the first five years of children's lives is an opportunity that must not be squandered.

There has always been an achievement gap between students from different socioeconomic backgrounds, and there always will even if tenure were abolished.

Moral distress occurs when teachers know what is ethically wrong but remain silent because of fear of retaliation.

Schools alone cannot overcome the huge deficits that disadvantaged students bring to the classroom.

The way parents and their children verbally interact is crucial for later learning.

Superintendents have little effect on student performance, but even that can backfire.

Teaching in public schools is no longer fun.

Despite their uneven quality, charter schools are extremely popular among parents of all races.


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