Teacher leavers say they haven't left the teaching profession but that the teaching profession has left them.

Not all children have parents who are involved enough - if at all - in their education to take advantage of the choices open to them.

Abolishing tenure would leave even exemplary teachers vulnerable to abusive principals.

Long after subject matter is forgotten, attitudes remain.

Teachers in the U.S. spend at least twice as many hours in the classroom as teachers in countries whose students outperform ours on tests of international competition.

Standardized tests should be used strictly for diagnostic purposes, as in Finland.

Researchers confuse taxpayers when they draw different conclusions about student performance on tests of international competition.

I take my hat off to all teachers who willingly take a position in inner-city schools because of the daunting challenges they face.

How would the U.S. stack up against other countries if non-cognitive outcomes were measured?

It's incumbent on Congress to provide adequate funding for the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.


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