Poverty is the cause of lousy schools, not the other way around.

Rather than tinker with the admissions process to achieve a stipulated diversity goal in elite high schools, the answer is to improve the quality of the schools that blacks and Hispanics attend prior to applying.

The decision in Vergara v. California is a giant step toward busting teachers' unions and privatizing schools.

By identifying students most at risk when they begin school, we start them on a track of positive achievement.

Student portfolios are prone to subjective evaluation but so are movies.

It is impossible for teachers to put on a command performance repeatedly each day for days on end.

Only in the U.S. is differentiation anathema in education.

Ethics are caught, rather than taught.

How do we know who the good teachers are?

While training and education sometimes overlap, there is a distinct difference between the two that is lost in the debate over the worth of a college degree.


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