Allowing parents to remove their children from class when instruction deals with controversial matter is still the fairest way.

Teacher effectiveness varies greatly in the Los Angeles Unified School District, but using standardized tests as the basis is unfair and unreliable.

Time is running out on the argument that charter schools can do a better job than traditional public schools in educating similar students.

We have to make allowance for the occasional lack of good judgment by teachers off campus when they have otherwise been effective in the classroom.

I question if a salary premium attached to a four-year degree on average will persist in the years ahead because of student debt and offshoring of jobs.

Placing students in honors classes when they don't have the ability to meet the rigors will only frustrate them.

Certain school subjects carry a high risk of injury or death.

Financial resources that are adequate for advantaged students are inadequate for students from impoverished backgrounds and for those speaking little English.

If teachers' unions are the villain, why do states where they are strongest post the highest NAEP scores and conversely why do states where they are weakest post the lowest NAEP scores?

The evidence to date does not support the view that pre-K programs can produce lasting academic and social benefits.


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