Teachers are not motivated by the same incentives that shape behavior in every other area.

If I had children, I would be open to a gap year, provided they had a realistic vision of what it entailed.

The most important thing is for new teachers to have realistic expectations.

Allowing hate to exist is guaranteed to undermine whatever else positive takes place in school.

Schools teach patriotism best when they permit students the freedom to follow their conscience.

Seat time is not necessarily linked to achievement.

Elementary school teachers prepare lesson that seem simple to adults in terms of subject matter, but they are actually harder in terms of pedagogy.

If American schools are as bad as reformers claim, why do Chinese parents send their children here for an education?

When controlling for demographic factors, public schools are doing a better job academically than private schools.

If teachers are treated like tall children, they soon become demoralized, regardless of their knowledge of subject matter and pedagogy.


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