A healthy dose of skepticism is advised when comparing charter schools with traditional public schools because of different enrollment policies.

The best teachers understand the difference between education and indoctrination.

The real need is to produce students who can speak strategic languages such as Mandarin, Arabic, Korean and Farsi.

We do a disservice to young people to lead them to believe that a G.E.D. certificate is the equivalent of a high school education.

If reformers have their way, all teachers will be subject to dismissal.

Delaying enrollment in kindergarten, except for the most compelling reasons, is counterproductive.

Success in life is not strictly a matter of academic mastery.

In the final analysis, the buck stops with parents who are responsible for getting their children to class.

Supply and demand are going to win out in the salary wars ahead.

Athletics are an anachronism in today's academic accountability movement.


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