Unless students are randomly assigned to teachers, it's unfair to label teachers.

Parents are shortchanging their children by applying for, and paying skyhigh tuition for, admission to tony private schools.

A panel of trained evaluators observing a candidate for a license in action has more predictive value than the number of credits amassed.

Too many students are given a high school diploma that they haven't earned.

There are students of all races who are incorrigible and must be removed from class.

Paying teachers based strictly on their students' performance is as indefensible as paying CEOs astronomical salaries and bonuses.

The Chinese model of education offers invaluable lessons for the U.S.

Orthodox yeshivas are failing to comply with the state law to provide an education that is "substantially equivalent" to that provided by public schools.

Recruiting teachers to promote products in the classroom raises conflict-of-interest issues.

Some students are incorrigible and deserve suspension.


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