Schools of education should require that all candidates observe actual classrooms before they take courses in philosophy and psychology.

Students of American history are best served by presenting them with original sources in addition to a textbook.

What is disruptive to learning when students wear bracelets with a message about "boobies"?

Although random assignment of students is the sine qua non of teacher evaluation, it's not how the system works.

The most important thing for applicants to remember is that college is only the most convenient place to learn how to learn.

When it comes to intellectual capital, the U.S. is No. 5 in the world, with South Korea No. 21.

Racial composition of schools is not always the fault of school officials.

Learning a foreign language pays off both economically and psychologically.

Out-of-school factors play an inordinate role in what students can achieve.

If we ever expect to recruit and retain top talent to schools, it's time to stop portraying public school teachers as leeches that suck the financial blood out of states.


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