Parents have more choices than they believe when Catholic schools close.

The assumption is that only fiction will imbue students with a lifelong love of reading.

Charter schools produce about the same range of outcomes as traditional public schools.

Praise disproportionately heaped on rookie teachers is part of a deliberate campaign to run schools like businesses.

Strictly from the point of view of a classroom teacher, ability grouping makes sense.

It's impossible to have quality and quantity in schools of education because of the disconnect between supply and demand.

There is a well orchestrated movement underway to abolish public schools.

If students still don't see the value of the education provided them even after counseling, I don't understand why we force them to attend.

I'd like to see the average annual income of humanities majors compared with that of plumbers, electricians and auto mechanics.

Technology allows instruction to be differentiated in ways that teachers only used to be able to dream about.


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