It's time to reconsider eliminating 12th grade because young people today are more sophisticated than ever before.

Ill thought out action about closing failing schools is worse than no action at all.

Although districts serving needy students deserve more per-pupil funding than those serving affluent students, it's still important to have realistic expectations about outcomes.

If discipline is revamped to avoid violating the disparate impact standard, black students who want to learn will be hurt the most.

Are variations in IQ inherited or developed?

Public schools won't be recognizable a decade or so from now as commodification accelerates.

It's time that courts acknowledge the realities of testing.

Eliminating preschool because its cognitive benefits fade by the third grade is unthinkable.

Prescription for success at some high poverty schools has limited application to others.

Only students from affluent families have the luxury of choosing a major based on its intellectual appeal alone.


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