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December 09, 2010

Pay Gap Closure, British Style

This is the same phenomenon we're seeing in major cities in the U.S. -- young women out earning young men, due to the education gap favoring women.

December 01, 2010

Are Women Less Competitive than Men?

If so, that could explain much of the pay gender gap. That controversial topic is explored at Time (brave souls there).

October 11, 2010

Income Gap Among Women

Women may be earning more six-figure salaries, but the gaps among women -- generated by education differences -- are stark.

October 07, 2010

Women Earning Big Money

Given the education differences, that's to be both expected and welcomed. I just hope the national women's advocacy groups can set aside their outdated "gender equity" campaign that has little to do with actual discrimination and move on to the more critical issue: persuading more women to major in ...

October 04, 2010

The Campus Gender Divide

Why does it make a difference if women make up close to 60 percent of the four-year degrees awarded? Won't they just take the jobs that in years past were held by men? As the father of two daughters I like that notion, but in the real world it doesn't work out that way. Men and women pursue differen...

September 30, 2010

Pay Equity: Part 53....

Sometimes I hesitate about blogging on this issue: it has nothing to do with the problem of boys falling behind in school. And yet, the national women's advocacy groups insist it does. Why worry about boys when women are paid less? That argument may be working ... something has to explain why the fe...

September 22, 2010

The 'Equal Pay' Debate

When researching Why Boys Fail I was struck by the persistent argument I heard from leaders of different women's rights group: even if boys are in trouble, their difficulties are negated by the pay gap suffered by women. I never saw the logical thread, but they did, and therefore the pay gap debate ...

September 17, 2010

Best 'Equal Pay' Argument Yet

The math behind the "equal pay" campaign may be sketchy, with economists telling us very little of the pay gap has to do with actual discrimination. But just for a moment, set that aside, and consider Valerie Jarrett's argument in the Post today: Women need to earn more because with so many men losi...

July 09, 2010

Younger Women, Smaller Pay Gap

This piece in The New York Times shows much smaller wage gaps among younger women. A result of women becoming better educated and choosing more aggressive career paths or women gaining added legal protections against discrimination? My assumption is that the former explains most of it. This is rele...

June 03, 2010

Are Men Now the 'Second Sex'?

That's the question raised in this Center for American Progress piece. Once again, however, I cringe when I see the pay gap tossed into the issue. That gap is an important issue, but not for the reasons cited. Women choose different college studies and pursue different careers and different pathways...

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