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November 04, 2011

I Beg to Differ...

Note: This is a guest post by Darryl Williams, principal of the Brighter Choice Charter Schools for Boys' elementary and middle school programs in Albany, New York. In an article recently published in the New York Times, Tamar Lewin presents the idea that single-sex schooling may be detrimental to...

October 18, 2011

Join the Debate on Single Sex Education

The New York Times is running a forum on single sex education, pegged to the Science article calling the rationale behind the movement "pseudoscience." All the major players were invited to join in. Another spinoff from the freshly charged debate is this take-no-prisoners editorial from the Delawar...

October 13, 2011

Single Sex School Debate Back in the News

Update: Single sex dealt a legal setback in Louisiana. A radio show with Leonard Sax debating one of the authors of the Science article claiming the science behind separating the sexes is "pseudoscience." And AEI's Christina Hoff Sommers steps in to debate the future of single sex education. And...

September 28, 2011

Single Sex Debate: Day 3

David Chadwell posts an interesting question: If gender differences are routinely researched in the medical community, why not among educators? From the Fox News piece: Women not only live longer than men, they also appear to be in more robust health. A new hypothesis offers a reason why: it's in ...

September 27, 2011

Pushback Against the Pushback

Advocates for single sex schooling, both educators and parents, are making their argument. In this article, we hear from some parents in Tampa: While some parents, like Leath, specifically sought out the single-gender option, others with students already enrolled at those east Tampa schools simply...

September 26, 2011

Chadwell on the Science Article Debate

Given that single sex schools appear to be the only policy solution currently on the table to stabilize the academic aspiration plateau we've seen among boys, the debate over the science -- or lack of science -- behind separating the sexes is an important one. David Chadwell, who oversees South Car...

September 24, 2011

Leonard Sax Responds to the Science Article

Sax was singled out in the piece, which portrayed the logic behind single sex education as 'pseudoscience.' The piece is riddled with errors, says Sax: On September 23 2011, the journal Science published an article entitled "The Pseudoscience of Single-Sex Schooling." I received the prepublication...

September 23, 2011

Impact of Science article on Single Sex

This article could shift the debate on single sex education, which over the past several years has enjoyed wide support among educators. Due mostly to the declining academic performance of boys, school districts have been ramping up their single sex offerings. The strategy is based on the convention...

September 22, 2011

Single Sex Education as 'Pseudoscience'

That's the argument that Pink Brain, Blue Brain author Lise Eliot and coauthors make in Science. Here's a podcast version. Here's another take on the study from ABC. Write the coauthors: The strongest argument against SS education is that it reduces boys' and girls' opportunities to work together...

September 15, 2011

Disappearing Male Teachers an International Issue

Interesting piece in Time about worries in France about boys falling behind in school. Is it due to the disappearing male teacher? Like other western countries, France has seen an increasing feminization of education over the past 60 years. The rate of women teachers in primary schools went from 65...

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