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September 05, 2014

Boston Mayor Appoints City's First-Ever 'Chief of Education'

Mayor Martin J. Walsh will task a new citywide education czar to coordinate school improvement efforts across public schools, charter schools, parochial and private schools, as well as higher education.

July 28, 2014

Boston Plan for Cameras and Microphones on School Buses Comes Under Fire

An editorial in The Boston Globe Monday called the plan to install microphones on school buses "bad public policy and a bad lesson for students."

July 21, 2014

Accurate Identification of ELLs With Disabilities Challenges Schools

Historically, English-language learners have tended to be over-represented in special education, but in more recent years, under-representation also has been a problem.

June 04, 2014

Boston Needs Charter-Like Autonomy for All Schools, Report Contends

Boston education leaders are exploring whether granting schools more authority over hiring, budgeting, and curriculum would be the best strategy for improving achievement and appealing to parents.

June 04, 2014

Is Autonomy for All Schools the Next Wave of Reform for Boston?

A new report argues for Boston education leaders to extend charter-like autonomy over hiring, budgeting, and curriculum to all of the city's 128 schools.

May 27, 2014

Academic Progress in Boston's Schools in Jeopardy, Report Finds

In an external review commissioned by the Boston district, the Council of the Great City Schools finds discord and disorganization that threaten the school system's long record of progress.

May 08, 2014

Mass. Education Secretary Expresses Interest in Boston Superintendent Job

The district has been without a permanent superintendent since the end of the last school year.

April 28, 2014

Boston, Baltimore Seeking to Become Hubs for Ed-Tech Startups

Organizations in Boston and Baltimore are attempting to foster ed-tech startups by providing money, mentoring and other support to entrepreneurs.

April 25, 2014

MIT Student's After-School Program Uses Dance to Improve Girls' Math Skills

Dance draws middle school girls to the SHINE program and helps them understand mathematical concepts once they're there.

January 06, 2014

Boston's New Mayor Will Appoint Committee to Guide Search for Superintendent

New Mayor Martin J. Walsh will work with an appointed school committee to conduct a national search for a new schools chief in Boston.

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