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April 17, 2014

Tennessee Voucher Bill, Proposed by Governor, Stalls in House

Tennessee parents whose children attend failing schools won't get vouchers to send them to private school after the governor-penned bill can't muster enough political support.

April 04, 2014

Miss. and Tenn. Lawmakers Vote Down Efforts to Expand School Choice

Lawmakers in Miss. and Tenn. vote down efforts to expand school choice, four new charters are approved in Connecticut, and other school-choice news from the week.

February 20, 2014

Judge Declines to Dismiss North Carolina Voucher Lawsuit and Other Voucher News

While the North Carolina voucher program makes its way through the legal system, lawmakers in Alaska and Indiana debate voucher programs there.

January 22, 2014

Private School Vouchers On Lawmakers' Agendas in Some States

Wisconsin, Tennessee, and Indiana all have proposals to provide vouchers for students who are poor or students with special needs.

January 16, 2014

Voucher Students Should Participate in State Tests, Says Fordham

Private schools accepting voucher- and tax-credit-scholarship students should be required to administer state tests to those students and disclose the results, says the Fordham Institute.

December 16, 2013

Louisiana Voucher Program Comes Under Fire in State Audit

The program does not properly evaluate the academic performance of participating private schools and has over- and underpaid participating schools, the audit found.

December 11, 2013

New Lawsuit Challenges Constitutionality of N.C. Voucher Program

A new lawsuit claims that the newly established voucher program in North Carolina violates the state's constitution.

November 20, 2013

La. and U.S. DOJ Continue to Spar Over Voucher Program

Amid heated political rhetoric from Gov. Bobby Jindal, Louisiana and the Justice Department head to federal court Friday over the state's private school voucher program.

October 30, 2013

Wisconsin Vouchers, Cyber Charters Come Under Scrutiny

In Wisconsin, school choice advocates are facing criticism about the newly expanded voucher program as well as the academic performance of cyber charters in that state

October 15, 2013

Participating Parents Satisfied with Arizona's Education Scholarship Accounts

A new survey from the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice found that most parents were very satisfied with Arizona's educational savings account program.

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