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June 23, 2015

Is Your District Missing the Digital Literacy Boat?

When it comes to purchasing and utilizing digital books, school and district leaders need to do their homework.

April 30, 2015

White House Unveils New ConnectED Effort Focused on Library Access, Content

President Obama announced new ConnectED initiatives to provide $250 million in free e-books to students and meant to give all students in 30 communities a library card.

May 23, 2014

Friday Reading Roundup: Teen Reading, E-Book Subscriptions, and Diversity

This week's Roundup looks at decreased teen reading, e-book subscription services, and the ongoing discussion over diversity in literature.

April 18, 2014

Is Digital Technology Destroying Reading?

Digital reading may be making it difficult for readers to concentrate on and comprehend conventional books.

March 11, 2014

There Is No Bubble in Educational Technology: Not For Businesses That Actually Make Sense

Many people are wondering whether there is a bubble in educational technology. Has too much venture capital been invested in the sector? Have valuations gotten too high? My answer is that there is a bubble in ideas that won't work and a dearth of capital for ideas that can work.

October 14, 2013

New Releases Offer Classroom Management Strategies

New coverage of classroom management, including practical advice for and from teachers, from Education Week Teacher and Education Week Press.

March 08, 2013

Friday Roundup: World Book Day, Teaching American Authors, and More

BookMarks' Friday roundup looks at World Book Day, new Library of Congress resources for teachers, and more.

January 16, 2013

Parents Want to See More Reading for Fun With Paper or Digital Books

Despite the rising popularity of e-books, most students today still turn to print books when they read for fun, a survey reveals.

January 14, 2013

Survey: E-book Popularity Soaring, But Kids Still Love Printed Books

More than half the children surveyed said they still want to read books on paper even though electronic versions are available.

January 11, 2013

National Geographic and RRKidz Form Partnership

Reading Rainbow, RRKidz's interactive digital library iPad app, will now offer books from National Geographic Kids.

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