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May 29, 2014

Can Principals Be Instructional Leaders?

Is it realistic to imagine that we can recruit two football stadiums full of exceptional ?

May 29, 2014

We Need to Get Better at Doing Our Own Public Relations

Word spreads easily when we are against something. Negativity loves company. But public relations is a profession and it is not in our training. It is not a matter of defending our profession. Rather, it is a matter of being better at sharing what it is we do and inviting conversations with those who do not understand.

May 23, 2014

How States Could Improve Online Options & Save Money

A new paper written by four Stanford Students, in coordination with Digital Learning Now and The Stanford Public Policy Program, outlines a framework for states to solicit and select providers of online and blended learning services. It builds on the innovative Louisiana Course Choice model and "presents a coherent payment mechanism for supplemental courses that incentivizes quality student outcomes and forms the basis for practical and adaptive state level policy."

May 22, 2014

What the Independent School-Public School Dialogue Needs

Independent schools extol and cleave to their mission statements, and I'd like to see an organization, or a series of events, whose stated purpose would be to bring educators together across all sectors to build and fortify, to lift some language from the #PubPriBridge statement of purpose, "a mutual commitment 'to make the waves that raise all boats'" and to "direct these waves toward helping all students in all schools rise higher, think more deeply, and become more engaged and active citizens."

May 13, 2014

'Reconnecting McDowell' Buys Property for Teacher Housing

A private-public partnership is moving forward with efforts to recruit and retain teachers by building housing for educators in rural West Virginia.

May 08, 2014

Wisconsin Task Force Recommends Teacher Licensure Flexibility, Funding Changes

A Wisconsin rural school task force has recommended that lawmakers relax teacher licensure requirements and change funding formulas to benefit rural schools.

May 07, 2014

Talking About Teachers Unions

Whatever their flaws, unions play a critical role in public education. So how can we move past the for/against dichotomy?

May 05, 2014

A Road Map for Future Conversations

Knowing that we tend to take different sides on a range of policy issues, we wanted to figure out if there were things we could actually agree on.

May 02, 2014

Amid Outcry, Cable Channel Cancels 'Bad Teachers' Documentary Series

One of the Discovery channels canceled "Bad Teachers," a documentary series highlighting educators who had illicit sexual relationships with their students, after just one episode.

May 01, 2014

Preparing Teachers for Deeper Learning

Imagine a map of what a learner needs to know, different ways to learn it, and a collection of their demonstrations of competence. You're probably picturing a blended learning environment for students. Instead, imagine that every teacher has access to their own professional map--reflecting common expectations differentiated by speciality, subject, level, and school type--that offers a clear description of what teachers should know and be able to do.

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