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June 18, 2015

CTE and STEM Education: Two Sides of the Same Vital Coin

As more states, districts, and schools seek to increase STEM education, many are already offering innovative career and technical education (CTE) programs that impart critical academic and employability skills.

September 25, 2014

National Teach Ag Day Highlights Agriculture Teachers, Careers

Teachers can access lesson plans and resources to teach students about possible careers as an agricultural educator.

July 30, 2014

Some States Awarded Ag Education Grants

The grants will be used to teach students about career opportunities in agriculture.

May 29, 2014

Attempt to End School Meal Waiver Proposal Fails in House Committee

If it becomes law, the waiver plan would let some schools opt out of heightened nutrition standards next year.

January 02, 2013

Rural School Turned Charter Grows from Low Enrollment to Wait List

A small, project-based charter school in Kansas which integrates agricultural concepts into curricula is raising money to expand in order to accommodate more students.


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