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In Guilford County, N.C., small, college-based programs are offered in lieu of a traditional high school environment as part of a strategy to meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of students in its middle and high schools, where racial and ethnic diversity and poverty have been on the rise. As a result of such efforts the high school dropout rate has fallen by almost 50 percent in grades 9-12 since 1999.

Congress should pay for the development of a national teacher test, using performance to judge accomplishment, and the test results should be incorporated into state licensing requirements, a new report from the National Academy of Education argues.

An incident in which police in St. Petersburg, Fla., handcuffed an unruly 5-year-old, along with similar events reported around the country this year, has stirred concern among many parents, educators, and community leaders.

At Grace E. Metz Middle School in Manassas Va., students use hand-held devices called "clickers" to prepare for state tests. Educators who have used them say clickers help involve every student in a lesson and give teachers immediate feedback about what students are learning, so that instructional strategies can be changed on the fly.

A three-member subcommittee of the Kansas state board of education held hearings to consider whether to allow language critical of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution into the state's science standards.

New research on girls' performance in math and science shows that the achievement gap between the sexes has widened. Some speculate that societal influences such as stereotypes and unconscious biases are the cause of the increasing gap, while others claim that genetic differences in the way male and female brains function is directly related to performance levels.


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