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Making Schools Safe for Gay and Lesbian Students


Many educators believe that anxiety and fear from harassment, threats, and violence prevent gay students from receiving an adequate education.

The recent Teacher Magazine article "Straight Talk" focused on one organization's efforts to make U.S. public schools safer for all students.

How can members of the school community constructively combat bullying and intimidation of gay and other students outside the norm? In what ways can educators, officials, parents and students effectively create a school environment that does not tolerate harassment in any form?

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Elementary schools should be sensitive to ways they purposely or inadvertently stereotype boys and girls' behaviors and expectations. Addressing and stopping name-calling of any type early is vital towards stopping its escalation in later years.
Middle schools should consider using the No Name-Calling Week materials. It was developed 2 years ago to address name-calling of all kinds by middle schoolers. Sample lessons are available at www.nonamecallingweek.org. The entire kit is available for $130 and can be ordered online. It contains curriculum material, a wonderful video and the book, Misfits.
High Schools should encourage the formation of Gay-Straight Alliances, which are student organizations that address how their school can become safer for all students, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression. As schools become safer for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students, they also become safer for all students.

I think this is another area where schools are being asked to do what society in general can't. I believe that there should be little or no conversation about or discrimination against any one or group who is 'different' from oneself. This discussion should be a nondiscussion, but our nation of such diversity aways seems to want to find any weak link and chew it up. What we end up with in school is the reflection of what we have in the adult world,a population of bigots.

Schools should, I believe, teach tolerance in all ways possible. Maybe we would move ahead if tolerance was the number one content standard in the school curriculum.

Responsible adults in all school settings should monitor their words and actions for signs they are modeling prejudice. These same adults should never let an act of intolerace go unnoticed. Our children learn what they are shown and taught. They do not pick-up bullying or bigotry from the oreo cookies they eat at snack time.

God bless the little children and God help the adults who guide them.

What is being done to protect our straight students from the gay students and their influence on the lifestyles of non-gay students?????

In many situations, administrators, school board members and educators are intimidated into inaction because of a perceived community attitude regarding gay, lesbian, bisexual, and/or transgender issues. Otherwise fair-minded and caring for the well-being of their students, they fail to act out of fear of reprisal from the community. The answer, then, might lie in the community itself. A coalition of supportive parents, clergy, professional care-givers and others could go a long way in providing support for what could be life-saving actions on the part of schools. In-service workshops for educators and gay/straight alliances for students, both supported by this community coalition would send a powerful message to students -- all students -- that harassment and bullying for whatever reason simply won't be tolerated by anyone, and that all students are deserving of respect.

I am deeply saddened by the comments of "Harry," whose knowledge of the "gay lifestyle" is seemingly limited. As the mother of an 18 year old gay son, our school's GSA advisor, and a PFLAG member, I can tell you that being gay is not a lifestyle. It is not something my son chose or wants for himself. But, being gay also not a sentence to a debauched life either and it is time that people recognize the humanity of its gay citizens. My son's goals, and the goals of his gay friends, might surprise you Harry. He wants a successful career (he placed 6th out of over 10,000 essays in Newsweek's My Turn essay contest and has worked in animal rescue and wildlife rehab since age 12), he wants a home, two dogs, and a good person to marry. He loves reading and movies and music. He doesn't believe in promiscuity, crystal meth, or recruiting straight students to his "team". Please, when you look at a student who happens to be gay, please see the student first and not the gay first. And if the student you see seems to have slipped into the "gay lifestyle" you condemn, please consider that perhaps he has internalized the hate and disgust with which society has already labeled him.
Karen Izzo

Harry are you kidding me???You have to be kidding??I can't believe that comment. There folks is part of our problem...we need to do more than teach tolerance. We live in a society that preaches disrespect, and as educator and community leaders it is our job to stop that cycle. We need to teach compassion and respect. We can only truly do this by leading our students by example. Harry my friend you need to get yourself in check brother.

I will have to ask the same question as Harry. Who is protecting the children from the gay students sexual haressment? I have two grandchildren that have been asked more then once by gay students "How do you know if you are not gay unless you try it?". I also have a neice that is being constantly come onto by gay students in a sexual manor to haress her. I told her mother to file a sexual haressment suit against these students.

Just because someone is gay it does not mean that they are angels free from fault. I have seen gays friends of my granddaughter feel they have free will to do anything they want because they are "protected" and many push the envelope.

Children should be taught no more than "treat others as you would wish to be treated".

I also have a neice that is gay and she goes to school focused on her studies, not flaunting her sexual preferances. All the kids knows she is gay and are nice to her because she does not push her sexuality in everyone's face.

Linda, there are no added protections needed, and as a former lawyer I can tell you that filing a law suit is simply silly, given that your niece already has avenues at school to follow. If she truly is being harassed she should go to guidance and administration and report it. And while I'm not accusing your grandchildren of lying, no gay person is going to say "how do you know you're not gay unless you try it?" One doesn't need to try sex to know one is hetero or homo sexual. Did you have to try physical relations with men to know you were attracted to them? I am shocked and ashamed of the insensitive views on this board. I pity your niece, who appears to live in a family who believes that being attracted to the same sex and saying it openly is "flaunting." If her heterosexual brother tells a girl he wants to date her, is that harassment?

"no gay person is going to say "how do you know you're not gay unless you try it?"

Let's address that first. Yes they have and do. As far as my other niece she goes to school to get an education, gay or not and she has expressed embarrassment at how her fellow gay students flaunt their sexuality coming onto straight students, like a game.


I went to one of my granddaughter's football games and a homosexual boy was brazenly coming onto another guy. The young man rebuffed him and obviously did not want his advances. Of course this only made the gay boy come onto him more. The friends of the victim started teasing him because this gay guy was making sexual advances towards him. Thing were escalating.

Since I was seated right beside this situation, I told the gay boy that he should be careful that I believed that other young man looked pretty serious and was worried he would hit him and to be careful.

Well the gay guy kept it up and sure enough the other guy punched him in the face a few times. Now here is a perfect example of how gay teens in the schools bring on their own problems and this is not the only incident like this that I have observed. Gay teens should be very certain their advances are made towards other gay teens.

While schools will try their best to normalize homosexuality, while never including education of the inherent dangers of such a high risk lifestyle, some children are aware naturally or by being made aware of information like the CDC reports.

Let me repeat this: "no gay person is going to say "how do you know you're not gay unless you try it?"
I have heard this myself out of a young man that attended my granddaughter’s birthday party as he was coming onto other young men that attended her party. We finally had to ask him to leave since we were responsible for the other kids that were there.

The bottom line is I would not like to see any child abused yet you may ask those that complain if they are bringing it on their selves.

Do not assume that I am homophobic, straight or gay, religious or secular, naive, ignorant, or any other politically correct stereo-typical adhominem argument used to silence people for having their own opinions. I think I make a good point. I agree with Harry that tolerance should be taught and we should lead by example. I do not think we need any more focus groups hoping to change the world we have enough to do with our jobs and living our lives. And we sure don't need any more litigation. What is wrong with keeping private things private??? Gay or straight??? What business does it have in school outside of sex education? We don't give special consideration for straight students concerns, so why are gay and lesbian special??? Deal with the problem of bullying and with teaching tolerance and compassion, gay or lesbian has got nothing to do with it. Focus on issues specific to gays and lesbians is a round about way of supporting and even promoting their agendas.

Anytime you put one student above another it incites them to retaliate. It's not fair and should not be something taught in the schools. Anger is a natural response from a child, that another child is "special" opposed to them and it is appalling that it is the educators that are promoting one group above another.

Being gay is all about sexual preferance (born or chosen) and that issue has no place in the schools. Children should be there for an education. The social education should focus ONLY on "Treat others the way you would like to be treated".

"No one really knows what causes a particular sexual orientation. Sexual orientation is the result of biologic, hereditary and environmental factors."

That statement comes for a website for gay healthissues. www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/gayandlesbianhealth.html

Are our schools promoting and creating the "environmental factors" needed to confuse teens at a vulnerable age??

Mary Jane Karger/School Social Worker wrote:

"High Schools should encourage the formation of Gay-Straight Alliances, which are student organizations that address how their school can become safer for all students, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression. As schools become safer for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students, they also become safer for all students."

That is another good example of what is wrong. No, High Schools should NOT encourage the formation of Gay-Straight Alliances. High Schools should encourage the formation of a Safe Schools Alliance, that keeps one's sexual preferance out of it and truely includes all students without labels like, gay, lesbian. homosexual, straight, transgender, swinger, bi-sexual, druggy, punk, rocker, goth, prep, etc.

As an openly gay educator, former K-12 classroom teacher, and former Director of Teacher Education who currently teaches and writes about Education Law at UCLA, I was very pleased to come across this discussion forum on my most recent visit to the edweek site. It’s great that edweek is providing us with the opportunity to participate in such an important dialogue about an issue that is still too often overlooked in the education community.

The following are some of my thoughts in response to some of the posts.

Von wrote:
We don't give special consideration for straight students concerns, so why are gay and lesbian special???

Lawsuits filed on behalf of gay and lesbian students are not about special treatment for these students. They are about treating all students equally, with equal dignity and equal respect. In the gay student bullying cases, courts have found that too often school officials look the other way, or actually blame the victim for being too openly gay. The courts are increasingly finding such actions to be unacceptable. Educators must respond to all incidents of peer mistreatment in an equal way.

Harry wrote:
What is being done to protect our straight students…???

It must be emphasized that under U.S. law all students must be protected against harassment, mistreatment, threats, and bullying. Straight students are as deserving of such protection as gays.

Linda wrote:
I will have to ask the same question as Harry. Who is protecting the children from the gay students sexual haressment?

There are all types of persons in every group. Under the law, no member of any group deserves deference for improper behavior. Educators are responsible for protecting every student from peer mistreatment.

Harry wrote:
What is wrong with keeping private things private??? Gay or straight??? What business does it have in school outside of sex education?

Students identify as straight in a myriad of ways on school grounds, all day and every day… in conversation about who they are dating, who they have a crush on, which pictures they might have on their notebook, in their locker, etc. Teachers identify as straight when they talk about their spouses, their kids, display pictures, etc. No one would ever think of telling straight people not to do these things. Yet it is common practice in our schools, even today, to tell gay students and gay teachers that they should “keep their sexuality to themselves” when they opt to come out/be out by doing just these sorts of things. There is no justification under the law for this unequal treatment.

Linda wrote:
Being gay is all about sexual preference…and that issue has no place in the schools. Children should be there for an education.

It’s true that for some people being gay is basically about sexual preference. Indeed, many gay persons do in fact see themselves as no different from anyone else, except that they are sexually attracted to and enjoy having sexual relations with someone of the same gender. For others, the distinguishing feature of being gay is that one develops crushes on and falls in love with other persons of the same gender. It is a deeper and more complex reality, since persons in this category invariably think about persons of the same gender all the time, become enamored with persons of the same gender all the time, and are happiest being around persons of the same gender most, if not all, of the time.

Still others see being gay or lesbian as all of the above, and more. They may see being gay, for example, as at least a defining feature of their identity, if not the defining feature of their identity. They can pinpoint distinguishing personality characteristics and distinct attributes that go far beyond being attracted to and enamored with other persons of the same gender. Indeed, for those who embrace such an identity, many positive attributes can be identified that distinguish gays and lesbians from their straight counterparts. A large and growing body of literature has in fact documented unique skills and personality features that gay persons possess.

Stuart Biegel
University of California, Los Angeles

Wow, this issue is out of control. Treat others respectfully, period. My God, I cannot believe that our children are having to deal with this. My son barely understands his body changes. He knows he wants to be with girls. Yet he is made to feel guilty, evil, and a bad person if he thinks that a boy wanting to be with another boy is weird. Come on people, these are kids, NOT ADULTS. Let's get back to school stuff....let's teach, be there to talk privately if necessary, and stop putting all these special programs in place to confuse and muddle our kids' minds more. Oh, by saying that I am prejudiced and a bigot!? Give me a break. What's next? Let's just analyze every blessed part of our society until everyone is on medication because they can't process it all.

I would like to repeat this whole post and maybe Stuart Biegel could address this:
"No one really knows what causes a particular sexual orientation. Sexual orientation is the result of biologic, hereditary and environmental factors."

That statement comes for a website for gay health issues. www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/gayandlesbianhealth.html

Are our schools promoting and creating the "environmental factors" needed to confuse teens at a vulnerable age??

With all these special programs and focus on gay teens in the schools, don't you think maybe some confused kids or kids from an unstable family might gravitate towards the whole gay thing just for the special attention given gays in the schools? And please do not come back here and pretend that all students are treated equally. They are not. There are "special" laws in place protecting gays. Could you imagine schools where straight kids had heterosexual logos like the rainbow logo or Heterosexual Pride Days?

Children are constantly being used as pawns to further someone's agenda. My gay niece does not and will not participate in any of the "in your face", "hey I'm gay" propaganda and she is well liked because she is likable. She fears that this constant focus on gays is a detriment. She said people are just sick to death of hearing about gay this and gay that.

I suspected with a hot topic like this that there might be controversy. I agree that all children need protection from any form of bullying or harrassment. However, I have to agree with Dr. Biegel on this point. Straight people always talk about gays "flaunting" their sexuality. But they flaunt their own sexuality everyday and don't realize it. Anytime a straight person talks about their spouse or children, or has pictures in their office, they are making a statement about heterosexuality. For students, talking about dating, having pictures in lockers, holding hands in the hallway, going to homecoming or prom together are all ways they make statements about their heterosexuality. A gay person cannot do that without fear of harrassment. We can't talk about our partners openly, we can't have pictures on our desk, gay students can't go to prom or homecoming with their dates because then we are said to be "flaunting" our sexuality.

I would like to know, Linda, where gays have special privileges. We can't get married, we can't be open, we constantly get told to keep our sexual life private while heterosexuals may live openly. Gay students are frequently harrassed by straight students, beaten up, and even killed in some circumstances just because they are gay. Where are the special protections you speak of?

In order to understand this issue, as educators we must educate ourselves on the issues and problems of GLBT students and step outside of our own prejudices. Gay students don't want special rights, they just want equal rights, and it is our job as educators to make sure everyone is treated equally.

Let me start by saying that I am speaking from experience, since it hasn't been too long ago that I left HS. Some may disagree with me, but I am speaking from my experience. Whether we want to believe it or not, adolescents are hormone driven beings, and sex is a part of school culture. At my school, there was a number of openly gay/lesbian students, and they were all friends with each other. Just like there is a pressure for teens to try sex, I also noticed that a lot of people became "curious" about homosexuality. There was a pool of people they could choose from to "out" them. My school was a stomping ground for sexual experimentation. The teachers didn't really say much about it, but I am sure that anything, negative or positive, that was said about it, would perpetuate the situation. On the one hand, we have students who are openly gay or "curious", and on the other hand, there are students who are still uncomfortable it.
In the ideal world, sex would be kept out of school, but it is not. I think that school only mirrors the values and realities of the larger society. Students are taught values and morals at home, and they bring these morals and values everywhere with them. When we say that we have to teach tolerance, we must remember that many religions do not accept homosexuality. Many cultures also shun homosexuality. We are walking a tight rope. Telling kids that their values are wrong or their religion is defective is not going to make them respect anyone any more than they already do. As long as they are not physically or verbally assaulting any gay/lesbian students, then it does not matter how tolerant they are of this lifestyle.

I never expected that any hard questions would get answered, like "Are our schools promoting and creating the "environmental factors" needed to confuse teens at a vulnerable age??"

I would like to ask about another safety consideration for impressionable teens. With all the CDC reports on the high risk dangers (both damage to the body and disease) of homosexual sex, are the schools NOT making that part of the sex education? How much concern do our teachers truly have for children and their safety? Medical history clearly shows that children should be warned about homosexual sex so they may make wise decisions. Instead you see information handed out to children like, “The Little Black Book: Gay In The 21st Century”. That publication is representative of the gay lifestyle and any parent with a gay or gay curious child should read it and start asking why schools are promoting the dangerous gay lifestyle.

I worry about the future for my niece that is gay, with this constant homosexual push in society and she is very worried too. She believes that more and more people are getting sick of it. Any time another student in her school does not agree with the homosexual lifestyle, they are taunted with “bigot’ and other names by other gay students. Among her friends, he has a few select gay friends that are not part of the “in your face” name calling crowd.

“The Little Black Book: Gay in the 21st Century”. That publication is representative of the gay lifestyle and any parent with a gay or gay curious child should read it and start asking why schools and gay organizations are promoting this dangerous gay lifestyle. Really, please explain to all the parents how much concern you have for children and their safety with publications like that.

CORRECTION: “The Little Black Book: Queer in the 21st Century”.

Linda says:

I never expected that any hard questions would get answered, like "Are our schools promoting and creating the "environmental factors" needed to confuse teens at a vulnerable age??"

Yes--some schools are promoting a confusing environment. Consider the teacher who told me that my son should expect to be made fun of if he acted "swishy," at the same time professing to be tolerant of gays, since she had a non-swishy gay brother.

"The Little Black Book" story is a myth.

There were a _few_ copies of the book at a conference held at a Boston-area high school. They were not distributed -- in fact, they were pulled from the conference. The conference was on a Saturday and was intended for adults.

It is _not_ true that the books were distributed to children, as Linda is suggesting.

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be able to post here since I'm not a teacher, but here I go anyways.
One thing that stands out to me here is the use of the word "flaunting" in terms of gay sexuality. I would like to say that you can promote gay/straight equality and be proud of your sexuality without "flaunting" it or being "in your face". I know far more "in your face" straight kids than gay kids, they're making out in the hallways at school all the time. I know one person who is a social justice activist and tends to "flaunt" her sexuality, as some people put it, but the only reason for that is to confront people with new ideas and make them ask themselves why it makes them uncomfortable to see gay kids NOT being pressured to hide their sexuality. I think that gay-straight alliances are an excellent idea and I wish I had one at my school.

And about the health risks of homosexual sex someone was talking about... I don't know all the statistics for the health risks involved in gay and lesbian sex, but these risks should be addressed openly so that gay students can make good choices in their sex lives. Nobody should try to deter them from what is natural to them at that time, safe-sex should be discussed to best ensure safety. If safety is even a risk.

And someone was talking about how a gay people should only come on to people who they know are also gay, and that they should not harrass straight students by expressing their attraction. As a lesbian, I have felt extremely uncomfortable in cases where boys have come on to me, asked me on dates and have assumed that I'm straight. Straight students don't seem to have to make sure the people they are interested in are straight before they pursue them. And some people are pushy, some aren't. It doesn't make a difference whether they're gay or straight. I think that everyone should just respect eachother and be polite. I know that I don't feel safe at school most days, but I am a good student with good friends and I work very hard and volunteer with many organizations. I don't think that any students should feel threatened. A lot of the comments on this board have been a little upsetting to me. I wish that people could just try put themselves in someone else's position for a little while and consider how it would feel.

I would just like to further comment, I am sorry about all the typos and contradictions I just made in that big, blabby statement. I was just a little upset with some of the things I'd read and just... reacted.

I'm really glad to see this conversation here and everyone getting their opinions out.

"The Little Black Book" story is anything BUT a myth. They were being distrubeted and were caught. That is when they were pulled. The publication is purely pornographic in nature and dangerous. If groups like GLSEN and other gay organizations truely have the best interest in mind for young gay people, why would anything like "The Little Black Book" Queer In The 21st Century, ever be published with their backing? I would have expected something like this from Larry Flint.

As to the issue of making schools safer, ask yourself if gay clubs are in position for you or for themselves and a book like "The Little Black Book" Queer In The 21st Century, must repulse many against gays.

I teach in an large urban high school. Our district has a strict "no bullying" policy that covers all forms of bullying of other students based on race/ethnicity, religion, gender, and sexual orientation.

Unfortunately, they do not have the same kind of policy for employees. The result -- any gay or lesbian teacher or staff member who wishes to advance on the "career ladder" must remain closeted. "Out" employees do not advance to administrative positions in this district -- only the closeted ones advance. It makes me sad that I can't move up in my career and also be a positive role model for younger employees and students. The unspoken but real threat of "no advancement" is a silent form of harrasment.

I wish, like my heterosexual colleagues, that I could put photos of my partner on my desk and that I could invite her to the faculty parties. But to do that, according to some of the posts on this issue, I would be flaunting my homosexuality -- potentially influencing "questioning" students towards the "gay lifestyle".

How sad that we still deal with this in our society.

EL, I would like to ask you what, with all the and emotional trauma, very high risk of disease and physical damage the body is subjected to in a homosexual lifestyle, why would any loving person want to expose any child to that?

My niece is gay and we have done our best to expose her to the real facts of the gay community so she is fully informed of her decision. She agrees that there is a very concerted effort to make the gay lifestyle “normal” to very impressionable kids. She has witnessed that most gays students like flaunting it for the shock factor in the schools and many straight girls follow suit. I believe it is GLSEN that has the “Every School Every Child” agenda to expose every child.

While my niece does her best to distance herself from other gays because she does not feel like it is a lifestyle that children should be exposed to, especially boys who suffer the greatest risk. Although most everyone in her school knows she is gay she is well thought of and never bothered by other students.

As far as any type of bulling, nothing more should be taught than “be nice to all or at least leave someone alone”. Many people choose lives that are not in the best interest of society, especially impressionable children. The gay community is the only “lifestyle” that insist on exposing children to adult lives that are very dangerous to themselves and others. I must ask where your love for children is or if it is even a consideration.

While I empathize with the limitations some gays may face it is a path each has decided to follow and does not make it OK or wise to expose children that can not possibly understand or comprehend the dangers of the gay life style.

Linda wrote: "The gay community is the only “lifestyle” that insist on exposing children to adult lives that are very dangerous to themselves and others. I must ask where your love for children is or if it is even a consideration."

I am old enough to have experienced that mode of thinking with regard to all sexuality--homo and hetero. I recall the conversations with friends as we tried to piece together information about the parts of life that adults thought we wouldn't notice if they pretended they weren't there.

It took some time, but we did finally figure out where girls went when they disappeared for a part of the school year and then returned from visiting a relative out of town, and why the kids who didn't fit into the dating scene didn't, and why some adults never married. But along the way we had to follow down some wrong turns--believing that you couldn't get pregnant if you "did it" during your period, or if the guy pulled out, or that you could get pregnant from a toilet seat, or that girls were at fault if guys "got worked up," and went too far, or that being prepared for a choice to have sex made you promiscuous.

After high school and after college I lost friends who, after struggling to understand their sexuality, found it easier to find new friends than to risk explaining that they were gay.

It's hard to argue that this was a better, healthier way to raise children.


"emotional trauma, very high risk of disease and physical damage the body is subjected to in a homosexual lifestyle" ???

Do you think there is no "emotional trauma", "high risk of disease", or "physical damage" within heterosexual "lifestyles"? I know people -- who are heterosexual -- who have experienced all of the above and have never been involved with a person of the same sex. Anyone who believes that these things are all that are associated with a gay or lesbian sexual orientation (not a "lifestyle") is gravely misinformed. Anyone who believes that heterosexuality will protect children from these unfortunate experiences is wrong.

The only way to protect children from those things is to promote respect and acceptance of others and to teach self-respect that enables the individual to remove themselves from any unhealthy relationship or circumstance regardless of their sexual orientation.

Heterosexual women can be at-risk of being date-raped by heterosexual men.

Heterosexual women and men can be at-risk of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse at the hands of their heterosexual spouses.

Heterosexual men and women can become involved with a partner of the opposite sex in a committed, loving relationship -- and still contract STDs from that partner because of experiences or events in the partner's past (that may have also been consensual and considered "healthy" by conservative standards).

Being homosexual does not increase a person's chances of being exposed to any of those dangers.

Additionally -- as an educator working in a high school I see far too many young teenage females attending school pregnant. Heterosexuality does not protect teenagers from risky sexual behavior. And teaching abstinence instead of teaching safe sex -- to students of any orientation -- is ignorance. Kids are going to explore and experiment and telling them not to just does not work. So please -- spare me the lecture on why we should teach students to abstain from sexual activity.

2. "the limitations some gays may face it is a path each has decided to follow"

Sexual orientation is not a choice or a decision -- there is ample scientific evidence now that indicates that it is a natural biological variation and is not limited only to our species. The only "choice" involved is the choice to be one's self.

"I must ask where your love for children is or if it is even a consideration."

The people with whom I work and my friends and family know how much I love children and how dedicated I am to creating a better world for ALL children regardless of race, background, gender or sexual orientation. I don't need to provide proof to you or to anyone else.

Finally --
The only way to eliminate the "dangers" that you speak of is to educate all children so that they are more inclusive and accepting of diversity.

And quite frankly -- I think today's teenagers are already far more inclusive and accepting of diversity that any generation before them, and I think many "adults" in our society could learn a thing or two about acceptance of diversity from these amazing kids. Their attitudes and compassion for others gives me hope for the future of our society.

"Being homosexual does not increase a person's chances of being exposed to any of those dangers."

I only have a moment to respond at this time, but you better read the CDC Reports and gay health sites. All report that homosexual sex is FAR more risky.

You can promote anything you wish BUT why is the high risk information excluded from the agenda?

"Sexual orientation is not a choice or a decision"

This has been disputed by other scientist and reports have been made that studies were manufactured (by selectively choosing the "right" subjects) to get the results they where after.

There is NO risk in abstinence and minimal risk in a normal monogamous relationship. Of course making that education a top priority for children would interfere with the agenda.

"Kids are going to explore and experiment and telling them not to just does not work."

If the very real risk were taught, like films or pictures of people dying of AIDS, the effects on the body of STDs, what really takes place in abortions. If the very real risk were taught, like films or pictures of people dying of AIDS, the damage to the body with anal sex, the effects on the body of STDs, what really takes place in abortions. I believe if teens had the graphic information necessary to make fully informed decisions, they would not be as promiscuous.

There should be a a graphic booklet on the real risk associated with promiscuous sex and it should be as graphic in it's information of the pro sex booklet of “The Little Black Book: Queer in the 21st Century”.

If you want to make schools safer, educate children with all the facts not the selected facts to promote your agenda. As stated before, my niece is gay and has never beeen treated badly, in a town where she is the only student that is gay no less. In a school that has no pro gay education. Where educators simply teach kids to be nice to each other. Imagine that!


I will be praying for you.

Please save your prayers for those children that are influenced to experiment with homosexuality under the guise of gay organization’s "bullying" programs while they are in the most confusing years of their lives. When the NEA has donated more then $65 million to gay organizations, they first concern is not to children but to further an agenda that is dangerous to every child. Think about it, $65 million to promote homosexual concerns instead of education for all children? It is plain to see why so many are taking their children out of the public schools.

I find the anti-gay agenda to be dangerous to every child.

"According to a new report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more women are experimenting with homosexual activity.

The report was based on data collected in 2002 in the National Survey of Family Growth. It found 11 percent of women said they had had a
sexual experience with another woman. That is compared to 4 percent of women who said the same thing in a 1992 survey.

Younger women, however, were even more likely to experiment with homosexuality. According to an article in the Washington Post, 14 percent of
women in their late teens and 20s claimed to have had a same-sex experience.

Some experts said more and more young people simply see such experimentation as a rite of passage. "It's very safe in the [college and
university] academic community; no one thinks anything of it," Elayne Rapping, a professor of American studies at the University of Buffalo, told the Post.

In fact, said the article, lesbian experimentation, even among heterosexual women, has become so chic on campuses that some jokingly refer to being "lesbian until graduation," or "LUG," said Craig Kinsley, a
neuroscientist at the University of Richmond. Kinsley studies the biology of sexual orientation and gender.

Men appear less willing to experiment with homosexuality, but the percentage has still increased. The CDC report said 6 percent of men in their teens and 20s said they had had a same-sex experience in their lifetime. In 1992, 4.9 percent said they had done so.

However, when it came to self-identifying as homosexual, the percentages of the U.S. population that appear to be homosexual was as small as in other surveys -- only 2-3 percent, according to the CDC study."

Clearly the $65 Million that the NEA has spent on Gay Organizations has paid off well in the field of, the gay indoctrination of children. It appears that the "born gay" argument is faulty in so much that many normal children are influenced to experiment with homosexuality. What does this have to do with making schools safer? All children, gay or not, should be exposed to the far greater risk to their health and well being by the promotion of a lifestyle that is and has always presented a high risk. Bullying is the least of their risk, lives are at stake. My niece who is gay is now fully informed of her greater risk and wonders herself why she has never received this information from her teachers. She has committed herself to waiting until she has found a partner that she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

Linda, Linda, Linda:

I don't know if you are reading faulty information somewhere, or if you are selectively misreporting it yourself. Your facts were surprising to me, so I first consulted Kinsey--who reported much higher level of same sex experience--then looked up the CDC report to see if it really existed. The question that was asked was whether the respondent had had a same sex experience in the last 12 months. This could account for the skewing towards younger people. It would also identify some of us as neither homo nor hetero, thank you very much. Similar to 1992 data.

There were also other questions regarding self identity--with about 90% of respondents identifying as hetero--the remainder falling into homo, bi, other or no response. Also interesting was that among male respondents, over 90% of those who had male-male contact in the last 12 months used a condom--3 times that of men who had never had male-male sex.

Perhaps what you are viewing as indoctrination is good public health education.

Margo, So you first consulted Kinsey-- and just how many children do you imagine were sexually assulted because of his research? We are talking about making children safer here are we not?

My information is far from faulty and was copied and pasted directly from the Center of Disease Control (CDC). It is apparent that those exposing children to great risk avoids true and real facts and will stop at nothing to hide truth from the very children in their care.


Is this the same niece referred to in your 1/4/2006 comment saying she is in a town with no other gay students:

" As far as my other niece she goes to school to get an education, gay or not and she has expressed embarrassment at how her fellow gay students flaunt their sexuality coming onto straight students, like a game."

I worry also for your neice, although it seems that she does have a very well read Aunt in the subject of Gay/Lesbian subject matter and seems to be a subject that really concerns you. I hope that she will be able to find someone to share a loving relationship with since she tries to avoid other gay students. I don't know how old she is or how you came into the knowledge that she is gay, but sooner or later she will want to have a meaningful relationship with a person of the same sex (or already has since you sound like you know for sure that she is gay) and I agree that at some point students should be aware of the dangers of any sexual relations whether gay or straignt. All I hope is that as parents, we educate but do not discriminate. Linda, I don't know if you accept your niece being gay, but I hope that you let her be herself, give her the facts and stand beside her.

Linda, I also pray for you in that you will come to the understanding that you do not get bullied into being gay. Many organizations are out there to help students deal with this issue. There are some with mal intent just like any other hetero organizations. I would rather have a student have an organization available than have to attend a funeral of a student who committed suicide because they did not have anyone to talk to. That is a whole other subject! Thank You

This is a statement towards everyone.

Yes i am gay and i have come out. i am proud to be gay. i would like to refer to jennifer/teacher posted on the 12/10/2005. what she wrote has an extreme amount of reference and gays should have every right to 'flaunt' their sexualtiy. if hetereosexual students are allowed ot flaunt their sexuality gays can do also. it is unfair to give rules and regulations to people as though it gives advantages. but as oyu say Linda that gays have more privelages than straight people. then what about all of the advantages that straight people have over gays such as marriage, publicly displaying affection????? if you would explain that to me that in one of your answers where there are no loopholes no tricks or anything i would be glad to respond to it in an orderly fashion. but if you can't then i will respond in an order that i believe is recommended for YOUR actions.

and in conclusion i believe that gays and lesbians should have exactly the same rights as every heterosexual person.

i also would like to say whil all of this is goin on we have all forgotten about the people in the middle. bisexual and transgender people have rights but do not as though in an example:

what a bisexual male has a relationship with a female and loves her dearly but then meets a male who he loves more. shoudl he still ahve the right o marry the female if he doesn't have the right to marry a male?????

Polygamy, relationships with multiple partners, incest, adult child sexual relationships and many other deviations man can indulge in have proven throughout history that they are not good for society for many reasons. With your argument Mitchell it would be wrong to pass judgment on any one of these variations. Like you and other gays, these people have the same natural born desires for “other relationships” than the healthiest being a one man one woman monogamous union.

Just because we decide to live risky lives does not mean we should expose children to every deviation in society that man can conjure up. There are lifestyles that by all CDC reports prove they are high risk, but it is only the gay lifestyle that is forced upon children as young as kindergarten without full information as to the risk.

Mitchell what you and the gay community want is a total moral free-for-all which will bring grave consequences as it already has, when all we really need to do is teach children to be nice to everyone or at least leave them alone.

I truly wish this was the place where I could post information I have pulled from gay websites, sad. I guess that 65 million the NEA has donated to Gay Organizations will help towards the “Every School Every Child” program. The innocence of any child will simply not be tolerated!

School is not the place for experimenting with sex. College, maybe...I have to agree with Linda that many of the Gay Mafia in our schools are influencing kids to "just try it". Frankly, sexuality and politics should be kept separate and it's embarrassing how my lifestyle has become a political sword for progressive neo-commies in our institutions. Keep sex in the bedroom where it belongs, and just teach for chrissakes!

Below is a quote from Thomas Malthus, which I believe, more than anything else, explains why population controllers want to encourage homosexuality. And, secretly, they want to eliminate people with same-sex attraction rather than encourage them to seek healing. If they are healed of their disorder, they will be happier, but on the down side for the population controllers, they will more likely have children. More evidence for this mindset is the derogatory term many use for people with normal sexual attraction: "breeders."

Paul Jalsevac
Published by LifeSiteNews.com – A division of Interim Publishing
Copyright LifeSiteNews.com, 2004:

"We should facilitate, instead of foolishly and vainly endeavoring to impede the
operations of nature in producing this mortality; and if we dread the too frequent
visitation of the horrid form of famine, we should sedulously encourage the other forms
of destruction, which we compel nature to use. Instead of recommending cleanliness [and chastity]to
the poor, we should encourage contrary habits. In our towns we should make the streets
narrower, crowd more people into the houses, and court the return of the plague. In the
country, we should build our villages near stagnant pools, and particularly encourage
settlements in all marshy and unwholesome situations. But, above all, we should
reprobate specific remedies for ravaging diseases [such as HIV]; and those benevolent, but much
mistaken men, who have thought they were doing a service to mankind by projecting
schemes for the total extirpation of particular disorders.30
Remarkably, Malthus was encouraging an active repression and abuse of the poor [and people with same-sex attraction] based
on what he believed was their natural inferiority. In doing so he essentially had created
and was advocating a new type of racism, a “scientific” racism by which whole segments
of the population were to be discriminated against based on their socioeconomic status.
. If a man is
born poor, explained Malthus, “and if the society does not want his labour, [he] has no
claim of right to the smallest portion of food, and, in fact, has no business to be where he
is. At nature’s mighty feast there is no cover for him.” (Emphasis added).32 Thus,
Malthus became the father of a “scientific” racism much more encompassing and more
dangerous than the ethnic racisms of the past.

I can tell that Linda is highly prejudiced towards GLBTs and would love nothing more than to have all references towards anything other than heterosexals banned from the classroom.

Let me tell you something, Linda -- I graduarted from high school in 1978, and believe me when I tell you it was a living hell!

Not only because I wasn't doing what the boys were doing: treating sports like it was religion, and getting drunk or stoned and doing the horizontal mambo with Betty Lou out on some country road (I went to a rural district in Ohio). As a matter of fact, I wanted despirately to take home ec classes and go out for the girls volleyball team.

I knew for a fact I was transsexual, and considered myself lesbian because I was still attracted to girls.

Our counsellor was no help, because he was bigoted towards low income folks and was highly classist. It took him nearly *15 years* to attend a graduation ceremony for the local vocational collective, and never helped a poor kid try for scholarships.

Thankfully, my mom gave me the love of learning and I had to find out on my own that I wasn't alone in the world -- I had heroines like Christine Jorgensen, Renee Richards, Jan Morris, and many others who braved the gender barrier.

Linda, you need to quit looking a those religious sites which claim to "cure" homosexuality and give spurious "facts".

Remember my dear that we have something called the closet, and virtually every "fact" there is out there -- even those coming from GLBT sites! -- is effected by it. Until the day humanity wakes up with some form of external sign (my favorite is pink diagonal stripes in varying brightness corresponding to their Kinsey Scale), we'll never ever know.

I could use your arguments againsts you using religion. How many kids are being pressured out there to join the school's religious clubs, and how much prejudice is happening when said "recruit" refuses to join?

I am sick and tired of being fed this "freedom of speech" stuff in highschool. Everytime I stand up for my Christian values, any Christian values, I am name-called and mocked by other student, AND teachers. I do not hate homosexuals, but I know what there doing is wrong. Why force this garbage that we all are equal, nothing matters, you can do anything you want (literally!) as long as you are not harming another person-its all your business. Truth is, most people I meet are just brainwased and have wishy-washy morals, just like all of the others I see every day at school.

Also, if I ever try to debate with a gay person, in response to my calmly stated FACTS, I get name called and degraded with many DISGUSTING names and words that I seriously never thought to hear in one sentence.

As for education, in all of the thirteen years I have attended public school, never has my class onec been exposed to the health problems, bodily harm, and disease that is the result of homosexual intercourse. Never. If this is brought up, the teacher and the students immediately answer "its no worse than our defects" and "you cant blame them, their born that way."

Excuse me! We are all born with weaknesses to sin and temptation, but that does NOT mean we're allowed to give into them. Yes, homosexuals were born with a tendency to like the same sex, but so were murderers born to be intrigued with killing, thieves good at stealing, liars were born dishonest, ect. ect. ect.!!!!

Thank you all for your time, God Bless those who believe upon his Son.

We live in a heterosexual reality.
We do not love in a gay reality.

As a gay person I may as well not even exist
in high school. I could disappear forever and
it wouldn't make any difference.

Straight people are not all powerful.

As this story comes to a conclusion there will
be something else......

Veronique, for a young person you are wise beyond your years. I know the schools do not encourage smoking because it causes health problems, although it is still a legal product. Homosexuality is an activity that causes many physical and mental health problems besides all the diseases that are so dangerous to our society and future generations, yet homosexuality is given protected status in schools. Christians are silenced when they try to warn of the dangers of that "deathstyle". David Parker, a parent of a six year old was disgusted when he found out what his son`s 1st grade teacher was telling his son about homosexual parents being the same as a mom and dad. He ended up in court over it, but the liberal, pro-homosexual Judge Mark L. Wolf threw his case out and said, There is an obligation for public schools to teach young children to accept and endorse homosexuality." Lawyers for the school said, " Parents have no right to control what ideas the school presents to elementary school children." (!) So to all you parents out there: If you disapprove of the Homosexual Indoctrination going on in the schools, you need to get involved with your school and insist that decency prevail, not the "anything goes" morality presently being taught! Parents UNITE for decency! Thank you to all the parents who do try to teach your children the proper moral values. God bless you.

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