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The Price of Leadership


A recent report issued by the New Jersey State Commission of Investigation found that some of the state's top school administrators were paid as much as 65 percent more than what was publicly reported. The report shows superintendents and other high-level officials often receive lucrative contracts, report understated expenses, and cash in on hefty compensation packages.

In addition, a national survey conducted in 2003 showed teacher salaries in 500 districts had declined over the previous decade, while school administrators in the same districts experienced significant salary gains.

Are school administrators reaping undeserved benefits—and stealing public funds? Is there an imbalance in the pay earned by teachers and administrators? Are competitive salaries a necessary requirement for districts to atttract high-quality leadership?


Yes, I feel as a fifteen year teacher that it has evolved that way. I do not feel that my career should be judged solely on an assistant principal's opinion, which we all know can be very biased for personal or political reasons. Administrators are now bullying and using under-handed tactics which are unethical to achieve their test results. Many times they are ignoring classroom behavior issues,... since they are so focused on "the scores" at any expense.Teachers should be evaluated by at least a consensus of 3 administrators, and no merit pay should be given to principals. They should also be required to return to the classroom every 3 years to teach for one month to remind them of a real classroom which many are out of touch with.The current system is biased and runs many good teachers away because of the unjustified politics, merit pay, and unfair administators.

I am very close to several of my administrators. My superintendent is overpaid for all of the help he has in his office. My principal is underpaid, even with the help in his office. And I am paid the least of all without an office or help. I think we should definitely overhaul the way pay is distributed. And I fully second the notion above my response that administrator should have to return to the classroom occasionally. AMEN!

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