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Quality Counts 2008


Grading the states on their efforts to improve public education has been a hallmark of Quality Counts since it was launched by Education Week in 1997.

Grading is a useful way to help readers get their heads around a very large amount of information—more than 150 different data points. That said, we intend the grades to be the beginning of a meaningful conversation about education and public policy, certainly not the final word.

Tell us what you think about the report, the grading, or the revised teaching and finance categories.



It is unfortunate that LEADERS.POLITICIANS, EDUCATORS,PARENTS , COUNSELORS.ALL.... repeatedly, continuously play the finger pointing, blame game, completely, wilfully in a conscious "suspension of disbelief," oblivious to what the children of America go through i their day to day lives. Each one stresses the importance of grades,graduation rate, and teacher quality. We seem to be impervious of factors that lie at the core of the problem in our public education system. Why do our students , especially the urban populace,have minimal interest, motivation in Education? I have an answer....
they are overwhelmed by the daily burden they carry in dealing with real life issues. If I am hungry and in pain, and asked to read,write ,do well on tests, my response is one of indifference. NOt that I do not care, but that I am so overshadowed by the weight of the issues that I fai to communicate to an adult on a daily basis, that I react to everyone and everything negatively. I play to get attention and love, which creates a void in my life. My friends and peers become my family and comfortors as no one is home to address these needs. So in my perception as a learner I am dealing with these burdens in the best possible manner I can cope up with them.
What I need an education on at this time is on: how to deal with reality . how to adddress overwhelmiing issues like single family home, drugs, villence, abuse, poverty,hunger etc.
how positive will my response be. Rather than an educated response I will provede a retort to display my anger towards everyone and just about everything. This is not an issue just about educators and lask of management blame game....there is a large void that exists in the life of our youth and children today, and they are in need of positive role models, a sense of direction, day to day communication before they are able to respond in a responsible and educated mannner to topics and issued addressed in class
Innovative education today should incorporate this education. Another issue that has never been brought into the limelight is t one of mxing student populatio body. In today's worlg diversity is an imortant success factor. The Business School at Wharton has a very diverse global student body that leads to its strength and innovative design. The results are an unsurpassed collection and gathering of the best brains and minds in a joint venture to succed on collective strength.
I suggest we start mixing our children with all different race learners ,to expose them to diversity of learnig styles and cultures. This will teach them tolerence, cultural respect and aceptance, diversified views and perspectives etc. Our personalities will experiene growth and developemntas well

Why havne't there been talkbacks in 5 months !!??

Is it any suprise that while almost everyone knows that quality counts; the common practice in many schools is to give the new guy the
imposiab le class. You know the one that no teacher with any experence and good sense will take. What is the surprise that Study Finds Phila. 9th Graders Taught by Least-Experienced Teachers. Until the system rewards the best teachers for handeling the toughest classes there will always be a large number of learners lost in their first year in high school

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