Do teachers' "confidence-boosting lies" hurt students?

In the midst of a crazy week, Mister Teacher saves a man's life in a Taco Bell. On a staff-development day, no less....

Mrs. Bluebird has about had it with parents who expect teachers, at a moment's notice, to gather missing work for sick kids and then don't even bother to come in and pick it up....

Teach Baltimore reprints the lengthy, no-nonsense e-mail message he sent to parents after his IB students performed poorly on a quiz on Richard III

A worn down Mrs. Riz, who works with emotionally disabled students, is looking for balance: Since school started some 3 weeks ago, I awaken at 5:30 am, and am on the road by 6:30. I've been arriving at school early to be ready--really ready---for the day. I'm lucky if I get home at night before 6pm. Even when the kids are reasonably good, there's committee meetings, subcommittee meetings, clinical support sessions, team meetings..... drama with new, untrained staff members who think the kids are simply bratty.... It sucks the life out of you. And I am old enough ...

Does it make sense when communities get far more upset about cuts in school sports programs than they do about cuts in school library or media programs?

An environmentally concerned teacher thinks that educators caught up in Web 2.0 fads might have the wrong view of the sort of technological kids will need in the future.

Bill Ferriter reflects that professional learning communities can often be particularly draining and frustrating for the teachers who are most committed to them.

Teachin', an 8th grade language arts instructor, finds she gets a lot of milage out of attending students' extracurricular activities—no matter how tired she is. (Hat Tip: Uncomfortable Adventures.)...

Veteran spec. ed. teacher Dayle Timmon's daughter has just started her first teaching job, and the two of them have started a blog together to "to share our conversations during her first year as a teacher."


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