I wonder how many first-year teachers have the gumption to assign year-end class presentations for the very last day of school. Then again, how many first-year teachers can say this about the final day of their first year teaching?

During one of the presentations, I had to go to the bathroom. The group had just handed out a survey that the class was to complete and then discuss. I told them that I'd be right back and bolted off to the bathroom. Unfortunately, the closest bathroom is all the way on the other end of the school, so it took me a minute to get back. God bless that minute, because when I returned and opened my classroom door, I saw the most amazing thing--everyone seated (except for the presenting group), 10 eager hands in the air, listening avidly, avidly I tell you, to the conversation. As I slipped into the back of the room, Holly, one of the presenters, said that she was sorry they didn't wait for me. I sat down in the back and watched as these three girls led a really good discussion about their theme--one of the best we've had all semester.

Sounds like a pretty nice way to end the school year, whether it's your first or forty-first year in the classroom.

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that must have made you proud.

hehe, yeah, it true, teaching is such an experience u never tired of it.

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