Katie from Tiny Nose. Big Heart. revels in her decision to leave teaching. But, much as she is enjoying her new life, teaching apparently hasn't entirely left her.

I miss having the identity and moment-to-moment thought processes of being a teacher. I find myself reading while at the gym and thinking, "Oh, I ought to share this passage with my students. It offers a perfect illlustration of literary allusion," or "Wow, this song contains great examples of well chosen adverbs." I definitely get a little bummed out when I think that I'll never get to share these tiny wonders with my very own students again.

Why is it always the good ones who leave?

Curiously, Katie finds her ability to remember dreams has returned. Like this one:

In my dream, I received a memo informing me and the rest of the school staff that teachers who did not drive HUMMERS or at least Lincoln Navigators were no longer allowed to park in the school parking lot.

Dreams. The stuff nightmares are made of.


your dreams show how very much attached you are to your campus and you do not wish these silly things to happen. RELAX.
this happens in the case of a highly devoted teacher. though you are out of the profession, teaching is in your blood.
you will be a source of useful information to the society.

Hi Katie from Tiny Nose. Big Heart.

Sometimes it is necessary to take an extended sabbatical from the things that you love in order to get a fresh and different perspective from what you need to do in order to bring the education that everybody requires, especially students, to a place where they can quickly grasp the meanings of their lives. You can do this, you have done this and you will continue to do it in the future. Even if you stay out of the teaching arena for an extended time, I would venture a guess that the skills that you have mastered will be put to use whenever and wherever someone needs instruction. It is o.k. to relax, fine to not have any papers to grade, homework assignments to hand out, but, in time, your natural inclination will be to teach. This is who you are. This is what you do. This is your nature. It would be much like the stoppage of breathing if you stayed away from your true calling. Best regards as you heal your temporary need for space. I'm thinking that you'll return and with a lot more vigor and insight. You deserve this for yourself. The students demand it of themselves that they have a teacher who brings out the best in all of them.


Samoht Kcinep Rowlf
Los Angeles, CA. 7/7/06 5:51 pm.

You are lucky to have left teaching. Did you know that over half are now leaving the job by the end of 7 years. More power to those who go. Once there are no teachers then our society will fix education. I see uncrowded fire houses with empty training rooms and mildly used materials and yet children are learning in leaky tailers. CRAZY.

I left and it is SO NICE to have good lighting, heat, a roof that doesn't leak, good pay, nice co-workers (other teachers were nice too) but high on the list is PRAISE. I get praise now, never got noticed much as a teacher other than the manditory evaluation saying I was wonderful even when no one had observed in my room.

Meaningless compliments don't get me too far.....

I took a risk and left a teaching position this summer in a school where I was rehired to teach. The administration was hostile, unprofessional and dysfunctional. I decided to sub for awhile to develop relationships in other districts so that I might "shop" around and see how the schools function.
I worked in corporate America and never encountered some of the behavior I encountered at this school. I was bullied and although the administration never really got to know me, I was somehow pigenholed. I was well respected in my department and my chair gave me a nice letter of recommendation. However, sometimes I'm afraid that I'll never get another classroom...I'm an English teacher...
I really want to teach though, so I'm going to keep trying.

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