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Happy Endings

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Graycie, from Today’s Homework, nostalgically reflects on the end of her first year as a teacher in 1986:

My first year was also the first year for that particular principal. He had his faults, but that man knew how to close down a school. When we re-entered the building for the inevitable faculty meeting and room clean up and paperwork marathon, we were greeted by the strains of the Hallelujah Chorus played full blast over the PA system. The windows of the building actually rattled. Teachers danced up and down the hallways. I think we were shouting because everyone’s mouths were open, but we couldn’t hear anything except that glorious music.
It was the best school closing I have ever, ever been through.

Sure beat's Hobo Teacher's last day this year.

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Graycie- I did not graduate high school until 1988. From everything I hear from my colleagues who have been teaching for 20 plus years, they had so much more fun, "back in the day." I have been a teacher for seven years now and working in education for twelve. I can't imagine hearing Hallelujah playing down the school halls. In this day and age, someone may contact the ACLU that they are offended a public school is playing music that could be considered religious. Has education changed that much since 1986? When we leave for the year, it seems that besides the paperwork marathon we all ran a marathon. Everyone seems so exhausted. Perhaps this is just the world we live in today.

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