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A Drop in the Bucket


NYC Educator, an ESL Teacher from the Big Apple, responds a New York Times article that says the schools chancellor will spend $106 million to reduce class size, a growing crisis in the city. According to the article, the funds, if distributed evenly, would reduce class size by an average of only 0.3 to 0.8 students per class.

This clearly means, for the overwhelming majority of kids, it will have no effect whatsoever. Furthermore, it appears you'll have to be extremely needy for this money to reach your classroom. The fact is, many schools are so overcrowded they couldn't reduce class sizes if they wanted to—there’s simply no place else to put kids.
With schools hovering over 250% capacity, it's a disgrace that this mayor gets away with labeling what now amounts to a drop in the bucket as a major improvement.

Why do we feed off the government anyway? Parents and school officials are like little birds sitting in the nest, mouths wide open, hollering for "my fair share"! Who decided how many kids make the perfect classroom size? Who divided up the school day into chunks with bells, hall passes, and locker rooms? Who decided what subjects just HAVE to be learned? The Public School System is the biggest MENTAL HEALTH Institution in the world! I say chunk it and all the pork barrel jobs that go with it! The drug company CEO's would faint! Let parents do what they are supposed to do, teach their own children. Or use school as an elective - great course in psychiatry and psycology. The Phd's are the reason for most school problems anyway!

Thanks very much for noticing this little commentary. I think it gets far too little attention, and even when people read the figures in the New York Times, the implications escape them.

Mayor Bloomberg is getting away with murder in New York City, has been for years, and people are talking about his presidential aspirations. There are very few voices telling the truth about what he's doing in schools, one very prominent one being Diane Ravitch.

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