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Grace and Dignity

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California Teacher Guy has a moving post on an IEP meeting in which a mother and father learn that their struggling 13 year-old qualifies for services under the category of mental retardation:

I am always amazed—and humbled—when I am privileged to witness parents receive devastating news with grace and dignity. The picture of Seth’s mother wiping away her bitter tears of disappointment and then doing what was best for her son will remain etched in my brain—and inscribed on my heart—forever.
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I have witnessed this many times. I teach special ed and have had a resource room and now teach the basic classroom for emotionally impaired children. When you inform parents that their child has some challenges that are best met in another setting, we are telling parents that their child is not "normal". It is a loss for the parents and we have to allow a grieving period. Parents are sending us the best that they have. The child, in the parents' eyes, is gifted and talented and a reflection of them as parents and people. We need to respectful of this. We need to bring parents along. We need their support. We need to walk in the parents' shoes for a minute as we deliver what can sometimes be devastating news. We have to allow the parents to react to the news with "grace and dignity". We can do this through our relationship with the families, our honesty, and our love of educating ALL students.

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