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Last-Minute Tutoring

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Hobo Teacher reflects on those students—you know the type—who come in on the day of their final exam to ask for tutoring:

I’m not sure what they think that they can accomplish in such a small amount of time. It’s not like I can put my hand on their foreheads like a faith healer and transfer the information over into their brains. Maybe I should try though because it sounds like they’re in need of a miracle.

He describes some other questionable student test-prep approaches here.

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Well, sure, this is silliness (not to say it doesn't happen that way, I know all too well that it does). But how far different are the schools in many cases? The "intervention" offered in my district consists of a bank of computer courses to make up for failures, and "just in time" tutoring in the form of a 6 week Saturday course of test prep, just before the big assessments.

What is needed is systemic identification of students who aren't "getting it" as they go along and remediation, with support for teachers to offer it. The district bought a whole lot of quarterly tests for diagnostic purposes--but my impression is that there is not flexibility to do use the results in any way.

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