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Finger-Pointing in NYC


Something smells fishy in New York, and it’s not coming from the Hudson. On the United Federation of Teachers’ blog this morning Leo Casey of the United Federation of Teachers came down hard on New York’s pilot project that would use standardized test scores to evaluate teacher performances.

The DoE has no contractual or legal authority to use test score data in the evaluation of teachers, and the UFT will oppose it with all the means at our disposal. This is a line in the sand for the UFT.

NYC Educator, however, contends that the UFT itself virtually paved the way for the program and questions the allegiance of UFT president Randi Weingarten:

When Ms. Weingarten and the UFT leadership agreed to merit pay for teachers based upon standardized test scores earlier this school year, they opened the door to all kinds of funky other things related to test scores - including grading teachers based upon scores whether the tests were meant for that purpose or not… And despite her ‘grave reservations’ to the contrary about the newest DOE horror show - measuring teachers in secret by how much their students improve on test scores, you can bet Ms. Weingarten is either in favor of the program or doesn't care enough to stop it.

This could get ugly.


last year I worked 30 consecutive days for the same teacher in the same classroom for which i should receive a higher rate of pay 1/200th of step 4B salary. Herein lies the problem On Election day I was asked not to attend the staff development day which was a determint to this 30 day cycle. I offered to come in but I could not bite the hand that feeds me when told take the day and relax. So this cost me more than $3,ooo.
I have contacted the UFT over and over again for the past year but have yet to be given the courtesy of a call back. So much for the union that takes my money each and every apayt check and delivers zilch in return. The raises I greceive would come automatically as a cost of living increase. So you see I am very disillusioned with the UFT.

UGLY INDEED!!!!!!! For those new to the classroom, this topic/effort has been tossed around for the past ten years or so. Having just retired after 30 years in the classroom, I can attest to the many fears some teachers have. And these fears have nothing to do with their teaching abilities.

These fears are best presented in the form of two questions: (1)What if I get low achieving students two or more years in a row and my overall tests scores ARE low? (2)How will that compare to those who teach CP and AP courses all or part of the day on my campus?

Let's face the facts folks. There's a bigger picture here. A large number of secondary schools have a secret-----those on the bottom of the totem pole typically wait years to get some of the cream of the crop. I taught in three different school districts and witnessed this problem over three decades. Of course, there are exceptions.

Bottom line? Evenly distributed assignments will bring a whole department together. It will no longer be a "them and us" thing. A true parnership will be created. And, more teachers will be having fun.......

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