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Is College Necessary?


Teacher blogger Susan Graham, in taboo-breaking mode, questions whether our education culture might not put too much emphasis on the goal of college:

Our students need post-secondary education. But there are many fields where the necessary knowledge and skills can be acquired with a more modest investment of time and money. We don’t tell our kids that. We tell all of them, "Go to college. In four years you'll get a degree and you'll get a good job and you'll make a lot of money." We rob them of other options by implying that any other path leads to failure.

She's got an excellent conversation going on here and here.


I think you make a great point. Not only do some students not want to go college, some of them are not academically capable. More time needs to be spent telling the kids the truth about their abilities and not candy coating everything and making them believe that they have smarts whn they really don't

It is amazing you should ask this question. I am doing my student teaching in a middle school math class and some student do not even have high school in their thoughts. My supervising teacher and myself try to teach the students life skills on why it is important to achieve academically, but it seems that sometimes we are speaking in one ear and out of the other. We have to stress on the importance of studying material so they can understand the material before they come to class, but they do not want to do it. They leave their books at home and if you give them a quiz on one day and the same quiz on the next day they forgot the information, because they lost their notes. Students think that the information is going to retain in their head after one day when they never looked at the material again and wonder why they are failing the class.

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