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Have No Fear

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Responding to Patrick Welsh’s op-ed piece in Sunday’s Washington Post accusing one Virginia school of having a technology fetish, blogger Will Richardson chides the tech-phobic attitudes of some teachers, saying that we need to learn with the technology, not just implement it, in order to keep pace with students. Richardson’s response is quite measured, especially compared to some of the comments that followed on his blog.

1 Comment

I agree with Will Richardson that we need to use technology to be creative. There are so many ways that it can be used and we are doing a disservice to our students by not using it. We can give our students positive ways that increase learning by using it in the classroom. This modeling of using it in positive ways can't be expected for them to learn it on their own. When our students go out into the workforce they are going to be expected to use technology in ways that we cannot even imagine. But don't let this hinder you. Let this drive you to use technology in the classroom to better prepare our students for the future.

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