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Will Richardson argues that online learning networks represent a transformative opportunity for the teaching profession, but laments that most teachers don't realize it yet:

But I would still venture to guess that 75% (maybe more) of educators in this country still don’t know that they can have a network. While most of our kids are hacking away at building their own connections outside of their physical space, most of their teachers still don’t have a firm grasp of what any of it means or what he potentials are. And even for many that do know it, there are still legitimate fears and obstacles to creating professional connections online, time and technology at the forefront.

For a tech advocate like Richardson, the situation is "distressing on one hand, motivating on the other."

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Will Richardson is absolutely correct. The well-networked teacher is an effective teacher. It isn't difficult to become networked. It can be as simple as participating in communities like the Discovery Educator Network, ISTE, or other organizations some teachers may already belong to but haven't realized the power of. It can also mean something as easy as getting a Twitter account. Whatever route a teacher takes to become networked really doesn't matter - what matters is that they get a network and start the collaboration.

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