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Not Dancing


Hobo Teacher doesn't take particularly well to a request that teachers at his school perform a country line dance at this year's after-prom social event:

You might as well ask me to dance to an organ grinder because I see no difference between two. I am a schooled professional given a task to educate the next generation in a system that ties teachers hands at every twist and turn. I refuse to participate in something that chips away at the little dignity we must hold on to.

I would suggest that Hobo Teacher get a ladder and get over it. Does he, as a skilled professional ever expect students to try things that they are not good at--in a forum in which there is potential for embarrasment? Does he expect students to perform tasks with good grace that are focused more on the social than their individual benefit? Does he expect students who are angry at parents or school administration to refrain from taking it out on him?

If so--and it is hard to imagine a professional educator who does not--then he is setting a terrible example of what he expects. Personally I have seen examples of teachers performing in typical sorts of things--and students invariably love it. Not because their teachers look foolish (although they might), but because it is a rare instance to see them in the very human role of doing something silly with their peers.

Isn't it true that we lead by example? If we are willing to try something outside of the box, then maybe our students will take a chance and try something new.

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