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Fed Up


More frustration about school adminstrators' lack of respect for teachers, from J. at Mildly Melancholy after she's hit by unannounced scheduling interruptions:

I feel like they're saying to me, "Eff you. We don't care about you or the fact that you're actually doing your job. Do whatever random [&#$!] we throw at you, because actually teaching and setting good examples for the children is at the end of the priority list."

Looks like she's quitting. The lesson for administrators: Try communicating.


One year I had a principal who was just the bright spot in everyone's day. She smiled, laughed, and above all, praised the teachers for all of their hard work. We worked as hard as we could because we wanted to meet her expectations. It was the best year I ever had teaching. Support from the administration makes a big difference.

I worked as a teacher for a summer program and I definitely enjoyed working with the students, but the administrations was not of very good support. Teachers should not be underestimated and treated disdainfully because teachers are primarily essential to the students. I do beleive that any supportive administration would acknowledge that observation. In order to positively influence a better school, it requires not only the students and teachers support but the administation and other affiliations with the school support as well.

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