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Bill Ayers, Teachers, and Social Justice

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A must read over on edweek.org: Eduwonkette examines controversy surrounding social justice teaching in education schools, and elicits reponses in defense from Bill Ayers—yes, that Bill Ayers—and in opposition from Sol Stern of the Manhattan Institute. Some samples:


In short, it’s not clear that “social justice teaching” is a coherent and distinctive pedagogy that’s taught at schools of education across the country . It’s also worth noting that teachers are relatively conservative. If education schools have been engaged in an active project to disseminate social justice teaching, they largely have been unsuccessful.


Practically all schools want their students to study hard, stay away from drugs, do their homework, and so on. In fact none of these features distinguishes schools in the old Soviet Union or fascist Germany from schools in a democracy. But in a democracy one would expect something more—a commitment to free inquiry, questioning, and participation; a push for access and equity; a curriculum that encouraged free thought and independent judgment; a standard of full recognition of the humanity of each individual. In other words, social justice.


So it seems to me that the question isn’t precisely how widespread social justice teaching is right now (although more studies would be welcome) but rather what public school leaders – state education commissioners, teachers union leaders and district superintendents – might do to make sure that intrusion of left wing or right wing political ideology into the classroom doesn’t spread any further. We need a professional code of ethics for teachers, a Hippocratic Oath if you will, that makes clear that our public school classrooms are not laboratories for social and political change, with the kids serving as guinea pigs.

But read the whole thing.

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Every crime depends on someone not waking up too soon, and indeed in most cases most of us wake up too late. William C. Ayers and his ilk moved into the academy in masse during the 1990s. The press simply declines to cover the story; but it's huge. So, lets talk higher education. Outcome Based Education ensures the Politically Correct de jour, a means of actually graduating from college. Its called “social justice.” Take William Ayers. Besides drugs, he knows domestic terrorism. It's more than a way to stay stoned, firmly ensconced in the 70s. Just look at Ayer’s bourgeois neighborhood. You should have a t-shirt sporting a big red star. Professor Ayers also decides education policy. Ayers does much more damage to America than he ever could with mere explosives. The faculty sets the tone at any university. “Education,” says Ayers, “is the motor-force of revolution”

Saul D. Alinsky, Hillary D. Clinton’s old mentor and comrade-in-arms would be doing back flips. President William J. Clinton pardoned Weather Underground Organization members Susan Rosenberg and Linda Evans. Today, WUO founder William Ayers teaches “social justice” & “education reform” at the University of Illinois, Chicago. During the Vietnam War, while John S. McCain endured a North Vietnamese prison, a draft dodging “Slick Willie” participated in "teach-ins" against the VN War, while visiting the former Soviet Union. No worries though, if Barack H. Obama wins, Hillary D. Clinton could wind up with a Supreme Court nomination.

Bill Ayers, another self-professed “communist street fighter” decides who will graduate. We don’t need no stinking core curriculum. We don’t need no accountability, say educators. It’s part and parcel of the “culture of mendacity” manifested by the Left. This is the face of higher education. A first class political reeducation. And, these people are dead serious. In true Trotsky fashion, Bill Clinton expanded home ownership for the new Democratic demographic with PC loans, as worthless as the aforementioned PC diplomas. In short, “economic justice.” Another formula for disaster: a flood of worthless diplomas on the job market. “From each according to his ability to each according to his need.” In 1995 Barack Obama and Bill Ayers got together to focus on education; Bill Clinton proclaimed himself the education president. It was a paradigm shift. Yet Clinton never boasts his role as catalyst, not a single time: never: http://theseedsof9-11.com

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