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Digital Debate

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Over on the Public School Insights blogs, Nancy Flanagan and Bill Ferriter debate role of technology in the classroom.


Facility in using digital tools does make some things easier. If our goals include fostering democracy, equity and a just society, or nurturing curiosity and imaginative problem-solving, however, we must pay attention to who is readily able to acquire both hardware and capacity, and to what real ends these skills are used.


Nancy's right, in part: Digital tools alone are about as effective at making students more successful, creative or collaborative as they were at bringing peace to the Middle East. What they can do, however, is facilitate the kinds of learning experiences built on creation, communication and collaboration that I'd learned to avoid earlier in my teaching career.
1 Comment

I definitely agree with Flanagan and Ferriter, being that technology is making students more successful. Every year, a high school graduate will have learned more than the high school graduate that graduated the year before them. Teachers will have to frequently change their lesson plans to accommodate the knowledge of their students. The world is changing everyday and technology is becoming an essential necessity in life. Teachers need to know all the new technologies so they can incorporate these in their lesson plans to teach their students. When I was in school, we didn’t use computers. I had to teach myself a lot and I still have not learned everything. By teaching children at a young age about computers and other technologies, they will be better off in the future. Change and society is happening everyday. What will tomorrow hold for us? Teachers can make the world do anything.

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