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Great Moments in School Leadership

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Mildly Melancholy's principal surfaces with a "monumentally absurd, utterly obtuse plan."

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Ironic, the juxtaposition of this blog to the one below it. Both deal with attempting to foster a love of reading in children. I'll grant that at first blush the shelves in the halls may need some re-thinking or careful placement. But there is something tiresome about the ease with which anyone outside of the classroom (that would include principals and all other administrators) is accused of being a clueless dolt.

It sounds as if the hallways in this school are totally anarchic and the teachers have declared a standoff expecting administors to handle the problem. I wouldn't rule out the hallway books yet. I would include students in planning some "book nooks" as sort of sheltered spaces in which to browse and select. I would also involve staff in planning for an end to the chaos in the halls. This is not an unsolvable problem. I have seen schools that have taken it on and implemented various solutions (silent hall passing, required hall monitoring between classes, class arrangement to minimize travel distance).

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