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New Pencils, Clean Slates

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Despite her reluctance to deal with "that beginning of school thing," Bellringers has reasons to look forward to the coming school year—five reasons to be specific. And though the monthly paycheck comes in a close second, Bellringers is most excited about a new beginning:

The new school year offers the chance to start over. The perfect clean slate. The perfect opportunity to adjust, correct, redirect, regenerate, rejuvenate. The perfect place to try (yet again) to open the door of possibilities.”

Perhaps the prospect of starting over will make it a bit easier for Bellringers to face the fall.

1 Comment

I agree that every year a clean slate is and should be paramount to a new beginning. However, there are those who linger on the past and the efforts made are not given the credits they are due. The bellringers, the paperpushers, the hallwalkers (aides) and all those who support the school will have the kudos they deserve and more.

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