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The Year's Over, What Now?

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It’s only a few weeks into summer, and fourth-year teacher Mildly Melancholy misses her students and classroom already. She has some first-time realizations:

I realized anew how much I love field trips. Even when they don't go well. And to be honest, if they don't go well, it's because someone else organized it. ;) I so enjoy exploring new places alongside my students, watching them have a good time learning. It's also the best time for me to be more Normal Person than Strict Teacher, to build a rapport with the kids.

Sounds like she’s found the right profession after all …

1 Comment

I have not starting my teaching career but I am well on my way to that chapter in my life. I am a senior in the College of Education and love every minute of it, well almost every minute. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog Mildly Melancholy, because it gave me hope and encouragement for my first year as a teacher. There are many teachers that have told me I am not going to enjoy my job. At times their comments have intimated me, but I have loved and enjoyed working with all students and every elementary grade level in my method classes at college. I thank you for being a teacher who loves teaching because you are the person who inspires us, the new ones. We need positive role models because they are the effective teachers who make a difference in a child’s life.

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