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Twittered Out

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This may surprise you ed-techies out there: Will Richardson has some harsh words on Twitter, particularly regarding its effect on the edtech blogging community:

I can’t help feeling like it’s just making all of us, myself included, lazy. We’ve lamented this before, this “fact” that the whole community is blogging less since Twitter, engaging less deeply, it seems. Reading less. Maybe it’s just me (again) or maybe it’s my long term attachment to this blogging thing and my not so major attachment to texting, but it feels like the “conversation” is evolving (or would that be devlolving) into pieces instead of wholes, that the connections and the threads are unraveling, almost literally. That while, on some level, the Twitterverse feels even more connected, in reality it’s breaking some of the connectedness.

1 Comment

I really find Twitter useful. I use it for research and look for those people who share interesting videos or new digital tools. I've found lots that have found their way into my personal blog and my classroom blog.

If I think I've got something useful, I'll share it in Twitter too. I don't think my time on Twitter is wasted at all.

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