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Tech Gap


Just back from a professional development tour, Will Richardson says that teachers are still behind in their awareness of the way technology is changing things:

The vast majority of those who I’ve been in rooms with the last three weeks have little idea of what is happening in the world and have given nary a thought to what this means for teaching and learning. How do I know that? By the “omg” comments that I hear as they are filing out. By the “Ugh…we’ve got a lot of work to do” responses. By the teacher/mother of a teenager who asked me what Facebook was. By the consistently less than 10% of people in the room who own a MySpace or a Facebook site. Not that the Read/Write Web conversation is the only one that matters in the context of changing schools, mind you. But it is the one that consumes my time, obviously.

I completely agree. Teaching has to remain relevant in order to be effective. Kids get borded with the same old approached that hasn't been updated in 50 years. Using computer technology in the classrooms and at home makes learning more fun for kids. http://www.k5stars.com is one of many sites that offer educational learning tools via computers for kids. Kids learn reading and math skills by playing games on the computer. Integrating computer technology into the classroom curriculum and at home definitely gets kids attention.

I could not agree more. I remember a special ed teacher retiring a few years ago when she was told she would have to enter her IEPs on a computer. So many teachers are afraid to say that they don't understand technology. Instead, they just say "I like the old way of doing things" or "this is how I have always done it and it has worked." The only way for the teachers to keep up with the kids in their classrooms is for them to be forced to integrate technology. If they cannot see how technology can improve their classrooms and professional lives, someone should force them to hear it.

I feel that given this is a blog (see also online and technology) I will probably be in the majority of people who state that teacher need to be in-the-know with technology.

And this is true...

Technology is just another tool for the teacher to use to inspire students and engage learning and given the type of students coming to our classrooms, being tech savvy is crucial because the students are.

I see three sad uses of computers--used as word processors only; or as a way to do email; or, worse, the only time turned on is to send out those darn computer report cards.

HOWEVER, the dilemma is not always with the teacher being tech savvy. Sometimes it is with the teacher being more tech savvy than the school or district wants. There are a number of regulations and controls that go on with the technology in a district, even beyond the use of the machinery, and into what links a teacher posts on his "school approved" web site. There has to be balance between safety and tech success.

I have a post on this topic and would love to hear every one's thoughts.


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