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Banning Baked Goods


Bake sales might be a thing of the past for California schools. Robert Pondiscio of The Core Knowledge Blog reports that traditional bake sale sweets are being barred by new state nutrition guidelines.

California schoolkids who want to raise money for field trips and extracurricular activities will have to think of something other than holding a bake sale. Cookies, cupcakes, pizza and other goodies exceed the fat, sugar and caloric limits set by the state’s legislature for foods sold on campus.
State guidelines passed in 2005 limit the calories, fat and sugar content of snacks sold in California schools. Each district is responsible for enforcing the new law, and some have hired “wellness coordinators” to ensure that schools are in compliance, the Chronicle reports. State Department of Education officials make periodic visits to schools and will put schools on notice if illegal treats are discovered.

I think banning bake goods is a GREAT idea. Right now, I teach in a school district where peanut and tree nut allergies seem to be taking over the school. We some parents fighting for a completely peanut/nut free school. It doesn't seem like such a hard task, but let me tell you IT IS! I currently have 4 students in my class with severe allergies to nuts. It's a first grade classroom where we have snack every day. I am now in charge (and liable) for reading 22 snack ingredient labels before snack each day. It's a nightmare! This doesn't even count for the snacks coming in during birthdays and holiday parties. We have recently banned all edible birthday treats. So, I think when reading this article you have to also consider allergies instead of just the amount of fat in the food items.

Our schools have banned all homemade treats of any type. Only store bought treats can be purchased, and they must list ingredients for allergies.
In some ways it is good, since I no longer find myself having to make batches of cookies and brownies for school functions at 10 pm the night before, I can just run to the grocery store and buy goodies guilt free, but the nostalgia of the old fashioned bake sale and birthday goodies is long gone.
Washington state has also banned vending machines with junk food on school campuses. I suppose with the problem of overweight children in the schools, every little bit helps. It's hard to agree though when you are craving a Snickers bar at 2 pm and can't run down the hall to get one.

Another way to help with the problem of overweight students could be to start offering physical education more than one or twice a week for 40 minutes. Developing habits of physical activity when students are young has been neglected for too many years now. As a nation, we keep watching the numbers of overweight students grow, but we have cut out recess and physical education at a time when processed, fast, and junk foods have risen at outstanding rates. What did we really think would happen? It is going to take more than a few hours a day of controlling student’s food choices to educate their minds on the benefits of eating healthy.

Of course, that leaves the issue with food allergies. There are some schools that have banned peanut products all together in some Seattle area school, leaving many kindergarteners in tears when learning they cannot bring their favorite peanut butter and jelly sandwich any longer. This issue may not be so simple to solve.

Banning Baked sales is very reasonable idea. I am teacher in high school. I teach Math subject is very well.

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