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Department of 'Not-in-My-Job-Description'

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Some students at Hobo Teacher's high school have taken up illicit bicycle jousting (using other kids' bikes, no less). HT's not exactly wild about the idea that teachers are now expected to intervene:

They want me to go up against savages who have used their wits to arm themselves with vehicles for destruction. What is this? Mad Max? Tina Turner was right; we don’t need another hero.
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what is in your job description? I'm a RN and on my unit I have to be able to do everything except CST....including mopping the floors in delivery rooms after 3pm because we don't get housekeeping after 3. Do they want to cut your pay from LPN to do secretary work or do you still have the same hourly pay. Most places I've been say job is xyz and anything else as needed.

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