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Letters to the Next President

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Scott McLeod is encouraging edubloggers to write a letter to the next president. Bill Ferriter (characteristically) wastes no time, telling the candidates to stop placing the blame for schools' woes solely on teachers:

I think successfully educating all children in America requires something more than sounding warning bells and asking teachers to “pull up their boot straps” time and again. For me, improving education means being willing to significantly rethink how “school” is done in our country.
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I would love to see a more appropriate curriculum in preschools. Ball activities, crossing midline, bilateral coordination as well as balance should be addressed daily in the years 1-5. I test kids who are eight and nine years old, and they have none of these skills. It is almost too late by that age to build basic skills missed earlier. Eye convergence and accommodation are lacking in these students. All of these skills must be emphasized in the early years if we are to improve literacy rates in this nation.

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