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Teachable Moment: What the Election Means


Cindy Rigsbee, who grew up in the still-segregated South, thinks students need to understand the significance of the country's election of an African American as president.

It's a conversation that should be happening in classrooms all over America. Regardless of party affiliation, political opinion, or the color of our states on that big interactive map (my state is one of three that hasn't been designated red or blue yet), we should recognize and explain to children the reasons why this election, and the outcome, is so important.

And like Mei Flower, she too thinks Obama's win offers a much-needed sense of potential and opportunity for African-American students:

So now we have a Black president. And when I stand in front of my students, especially my African American ones, I can say, "You can be anything you want to be. You can even be President" and know that it's true.

Teachers for Obama!

I was so inspired in how this teacher taught politics in the classroom, especially handling the tricky topic of war with a child whose father is serving:


What a gifted teacher!

I agree somewhat with this article. I do not think that having a black president will change anything in our school systems, however yes it might motivate more students to strive harder because they can see through or history that they can be whatever they want to be. The sky is the limit for young students. What they learn in their history classes they will be able to see for themselves first hand that our history is changing and will continue to change if they want it to.

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