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How Can Anyone Teach Around Here?

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Hobo Teacher's English class is interrupted when two students come by selling candy to raise money for an after-school club. He's had it:

Seriously, why not put my class in a washateria? It would be less distracting. ... Better yet, how about you give me one of those kiosks in the middle of the mall. That way kids can get on with their daily commerce, and I can hustle some education the best I can. It’s not like I haven’t taken a backseat already.
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Some kids knocked on my door, while I was teaching, asking if they could interview my students for the yearbook. I said no, I was teaching, and closed the door.

I meant to email the journalism teacher to let him know MY CLASSTIME is not the right time to conduct interviews (the class period before I'd shooed away kids who'd been looking in my window, "we're just looking to see if there's anyone in there we want to interview"), but I got busy and didn't.

Back in my day, we did our interviews during lunch, which is why the newspaper staff met fourth period. The yearbook staff has all year to get their interviews, so they can meet with the kids before and after school.

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