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Eggs-it Exams

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Coach Brown of A Passion for Teaching and Opinions was a little dismayed by his students’ priorities last week. Instead of showing up for an important exam, they stood in line for a free Denny’s breakfast promoted during the Super Bowl.

Today the California Exit Exam, a major (in our case, THE MAJOR) factor in API and AYP ratings, was given to Sophomores and Seniors that haven't passed it yet. Well, that's sort of true, since a massive population decided that it would be more beneficial to stand in line a half hour to get into a "greasy spoon" to enjoy two eggs, two pancakes, two sausage, and two bacon ...
I don't know if it is my older age, or just the simple fact that society can't stare itself in the mirror and work towards actually fixing the problems of education, but this really bugs me.
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Ahh...but have things really changed at all? I remember the days when students would camp out all night for concert tickets and never worried that they were missing an exam. These 'exit' exams are important, but we give so many chances for students to re-take them if they were missed for some reason. If you keep giving chance after chance, then why take something seriously. Also, the students are taking these exams to measure a schools ability to teach its students. Shouldn't we be measuring student ability? If they do not do well on these tests, shouldn't they go off to a trade school? If we do not hold them accountable for their part of the 'educational contract', why do we really care about these tests? Sure, we need to have these tests, but we need to fix the first problem...that is accountability on the student. Education is not a right but a privilege. It is earned. Maybe a tech school would be a better option. Maybe the thought of having to go to a tech school would make students take the process more seriously.

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