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One Standard Does Not Fit All


Renee Moore of TeachMoore was disappointed that President Obama chose to use the children of Mississippi as evidence that we need nationalized standards. A teacher in Mississippi, Moore says that while the problems are very serious, the causes of one state’s educational problems aren’t necessarily the same as another’s.

The comparison of the performance of fourth graders in Mississippi to those in Wyoming focuses attention on the symptoms, not the causes of educational inequity. The problem is NOT that the two states have differently written standards …
Average pay for teachers in Wyoming (5th in the nation) in 2006-07 was $50,771, while Mississippi teachers only averaged $40,182 (47th in nation). All of these disparities have their roots in Mississippi's sad history of racial discrimination and its sibling: opposition to progress.

Moore says that, as a result, the solutions that will work for one state won’t necessarily help another.

Improving the quality of education for all our children is a national priority, but a localized task. It requires the knowledgeable contributions of many parties, most notably the parents and teachers of a given state or community.

There has always been discrimination in the way schools are funded, because local tax money is used to fund schools. One district, in a wealthy neighborhood, can spend $15,000 per student; while another district in a poorer part of town, may only be spending $8,000 per pupil.I have always wanted to see this issue go to the Supreme Court.

Sorry, you are wrong. The school districts that spend the most money per student are the worst in the country. Here in Georgia, Atlanta Public Schools spends about 13,000-14,000 dollars per student and they are the worst in performance in the state. The best performers spend considerably less, $8,000-$10,000 per student. Atlanta pays their teachers more than any other system (on average) in the state, too. The problem is, as in most big cities, the education system is treated as a jobs program, mostly for minorities. Janitorial, maintenance, and especially administration jobs are paid way too much and there are far too many of them.
Also, if you didn't want one size fits all and education generalizations you should not have voted for the clown in office now.

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