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Lessons in Loungin’

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Travis of Stories From School reminds teachers that it’s important to get out of your classroom and into the faculty lounge sometimes. He gives three big reasons to visit the faculty lounge:

CONNECTIONS—Nothing joins people together like talk of sports or Survivor, neither of which I like, but these interactions create continued connections that, in turn, create a sense of comfort. No need for a rope course to create a team. Go to the Faculty Room.
COMFORT—Once the connections are made, comfort will set in. Some call this “team mentality” but I see it more as a comfort mentality since teachers are already in the profession for the same reason. It is just a matter of a marriage of teaching styles. And that new teacher…once he/she feels comfortable, he/she will ask questions, seek support, further his/her teaching craft.
COLLEGIALITY—the third, and ultimate, step. This step involves teachers working together on a common goal, sharing ideas. Before you can be a team, you have to feel connected. And when teachers have the comfort of a team, it allows for collegial work. Through collegial work, research, integration, weaving, and otherwise brilliant teacher magicary, teachers will create a school that can impact student learning.
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Great point, I agree completely. Although for teachers whose school may not have a faculty lounge, I would suggest event relaxing in another teachers room even for a few minutes.

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